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[Shoot Like a Pro] MagStick is changing the way people capture moments and share their lives. You shouldn’t have to settle for low-quality photos and videos. Then again, you shouldn’t have to rely on insecure bulky tripods or fragile selfie sticks either. That’s where our MagSafe-compatible tripod comes in.

[One-handed Operation] With MagStick, the innovative professional tripod, you’ll never miss a shot and get insanely creative footage. As the world’s first MagSafe tripod for smartphones, MagStick is designed to help you take amazing pictures and videos with single-hand operation. Moreover, MagStick also works for cameras and GoPro, satisfying all your photographic needs.

There are many MagSafe tripods out there. While it claims that it has the innovative clamp mechanism that prevents your phone from dropping, it boggles the mind that this is their solution to the problem. Phone tripods and selfie sticks have used clamps ever since they came out.

Why would you still need to attach your phone via MagSafe if you’re already clamping it?

Don’t worry about your device slipping or falling. MagStick utilizes the strongest magnets available to secure your device. And for added protection, the quick-clamping mechanism is used to get double safeguard to enhance the effects. MagStick uses smart, one-touch clamping to secure your phone tightly in place, engineered so as to avoid any damage when you use it in strenuous exercise or rough roads, and ensures a firm grip, regardless of phone size.

If they don’t doubt the strength of their magnets, then why add the clamp? Or are they also not 100% sure that their magnet is as strong as they claim to b?

Background check

The MagStick trademark is owned by Shenzhen Andobil Technology Co, Ltd. Our research shows that Andobil is affiliated to Shenzhen Lanhe Technology Co, Ltd that also owns brands like Torras and Ranvoo. Their subsidiary, Shenzhen Torras Technology Co, Ltd owns the trademark of Torras and you can find more trademarks they have applied for here.

We recently reviewed another Kickstarter campaign related to Torras and concluded that it is rather dodgy. Check out our research on the Metaura Pro Kickstarter campaign.

The company that owns the Metaura brand also holds the trademark to Snapiel. Check out the Kickstarter campaign and Indiegogo campaign for Snapiel that has closed in December 2021 and has yet to deliver.

Are we uncovering a greater scam network here?
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