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What sets Metaura Pro apart from the competition is that ist produces genuine gold air that is 7 degrees Farenheit lower than the surrounding ambient temperature in fan mode. In cooling mode, Metaura Pro is capable of transmitting cooling temperatures to your skin, reducing your body temperature by 18 degrees Fahrenheit, refreshing you during those dog days of summer.

We have yet another product that claims to be the world’s first. Well, some backers have already uncovered similar products like this one by TORRAS. In fact, there are many portable neck air-conditioners on Amazon that cost below USD 30. The Metaura Pro is asking for USD 159 during Kickstarter.

We have seen many dodgy products before that turned out to be scams and this one is making our Bear senses tingle. The campaign page is full of rendered images of the product. The physical product that we see worn by the models look like 3D printed sets with LED lights.

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Trademarks held by Shenzhen Mindblowing Technology Co, Ltd via the Trademark office of China National Intellectual Property Administration.

So we did some digging and discovered that this trademark for Metaura is owned by Shenzhen Mindblowing Technology Co, Ltd. The company also holds the trademark for Snapiel and Aquahesive. Check out the Kickstarter campaign and Indiegogo campaign for Snapiel that has closed in December 2021 and has yet to deliver. Despite being from the same company, Snapiel called Metaura their “partner” in their plug.

Notice that most of the backers on Snapiel have yet to receive the products. That’s a big red flag for backers of Metaura. It is also interesting to note that Snapiel brands itself as Snapiel by TORRAS, which is the company that is selling the neck air-conditioner that we linked to at the start of the article.

Besides Snapiel, the company also owns the trademark for Eprimis, an electric toothbrush.

Check out the team photo. They are standing in front of their display wall that is filled with headphones. Does this mean they are experts at making headphones and new to making portable air-conditioners? Maybe. I mean, they ran a campaign for a screen protector and sell electric toothbrushes!

Well, they are most likely a trading company.
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