Who are we?

We are bears. Critical bears! That’s right, we are a bunch of grouchy furry beings that want to spread out negativity. But wait, it’s for a good cause.

As product developers and marketers, we know bullshit when see it. And for the sake of our fellow consumers, we want to make sure you know it’s bullshit. Of course, if it is not bullshit but something that deserves praise, we’ll do so too.

We can’t, on our bear conscience, see someone cheating a blind man, and turn a blind eye to it, pun intended.

So let’s get to know us.

Rainee profile


I’m the snarky one. Not because I’m a reindeer identifying as a bear, but because of the standup comedy that I do. Roasting people is just second nature to me now.

Takeshi profile


I’m not related to Takeshi Kovacs but we happen to share the same name. I might be a cyborg but I have feelings. And a creative side.

Bamboo profile


I do what all pandas do. Eats, shoots, and leaves.

Long Long

Long Long

Well, it’s a long story. Long ago, in a galaxy far away…