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ChouBox is a newly designed litter box built with the idea that taking care of your cat should be easy. Our spacious litter box automatically collects and stores away your cats waste, hiding it away from both sight and smell. ChouBox can accomodate cats of “breed and sizes”, and is made with quality material that will last and clean easily. That way you can spend less time thinking about cleaning and more time with you cat!

The product name rather cute in Chinese. Chou means smelly in Mandarin. ChouBox is an apt name for a cat litter.

While the price is a little steep, it seems to have gotten many cat owners excited. So it is probably solving the right pain points with a product that looks good and promising.

I like how they are a young team and claim to be all pet lovers.

We are a group of people who love and care about their pets just as much as you do.

The team members of choubox are all born in the 1990s. After graduating from college, we have been working in the pet industry. Our team members include market leaders, industrial designers, software engineers, hardware engineers, operations leaders, patent engineers, and structural engineers. Designer, Supply Chain Manager.

But they are probably too young and inexperienced. Their global fulfilments team actually uses a stock image. This makes me wonder what else on the campaign page is not a true representation.

At the very least, I can see that their production team took the photo in the Qianhai Bay Area of Shenzhen. So that team is most likely real, although not based in Newark as stated on the brand’s campaign profile.

I won’t be surprised if the company is actually based in Shenzhen. You can see from the GIFs and still photos that they used the same studio where Oselem Design filmed their campaign video.

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2 responses to “ChouBox automatic cat litter”

  1. George Pfrimmer Avatar
    George Pfrimmer

    Is there any warranty?

    1. Takeshi Avatar

      You’ll have to check with the brand itself.

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