Oselem Desk World’s 1st 10-in-1 standing desk for work-life


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Oselem Desk electric standing desk


A flexible working environment allows you to have a better working experience. Protect against the short-term and long-term risks of sitting for too long by switching positions. Choose between sitting and standing, and don’t forget to mix things up.

Functional & Ergonomic Design: Whether for work or play, this adjustable desk offers a convenient solution and includes a built-in power strip with 3-outlets & 6 USB ports for your laptop, tablet, or smartphone, built-in wire management, under desk pull-out drawer, headphone hooks, lockable casters, and powerful control panel.

We talked about standing desks before. Today we look at yet another table that claims to be a “World’s 1st” in features.

I was very surprised to see such a product being crowdfunding, but then again, we are used to such products being funded on Indiegogo. It is not innovative enough to qualify for Kickstarter, hence it goes on Indiegogo where the requirements are lower.

Oselem Design positions themselves as a brand that wants to design top home office products. Don’t take my word for it. Check out the introduction from their Indiegogo profile.

As a small startup team, we aim to advance home office technology with innovative products and ideas. We will keep developing top design home office products.

It is a commendable mission, but it also makes me wonder about their credibility when I saw the product.

We know that electric standing desks are nothing new. What some consumers might not know is that the design that Oselem chose for their Desk is also nothing new either.

As someone who uses a standing desk and has a done in-depth research on the options available in the market, I know an outdated design when I see one. I’ve come across such a design about 5 years ago when I was shopping around for a standing desk.

I found the standing desks by Flexispot after a quick search on Amazon. It looks just like the Oselem Desk with the same features. Do you think Oselem Desk is the world’s first?

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2 responses to “Oselem Desk World’s 1st 10-in-1 standing desk for work-life”

  1. John S Avatar
    John S

    Sadly, it’s fairly common on crowdfunding platforms to offer up outdated products or to claim a product is a prototype when, in fact, it’s an existing product sourced from manufacturers on sites such as Alibaba.

    How these products would pass even 5 minutes of basic vetting is beyond me. Yet here we are time and again.

    1. Takeshi Avatar

      Unfortunately, it is what it is. And from the Kickstarter backers we interact with, they don’t seem to mind at all. I get the feeling they have the money to spend and are willing to bet on a product that looks cool. They don’t care if it is something that exists or even a scam. If the project takes off, it becomes another startup they helped. If not, too bad.

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