Yarbo yard robot


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Yarbo yard robot

We have seen several robots for the lawn, including Lawna (that turned out to be a scam), and Luba (that also looks like a scam). How does Yarbo fare compared to these?


Yarbo is an innovative, universal autonomous yard robot that fulfills all year-round yard care needs. Thanks to its unique design, no perimeter cable is required, so you no longer need to bury any wires or cables in your yard. New but powerful, Yarbo can mow the lawn, blow snow from the driveway/sidewalk, and blow leaves/debris on the ground, with many more modules to add additional capability to the pipeline.

Yarbo has a multi-function integration system that enables various modes of work by combining the main body (Yarbo Body) with different functional modules. The basis for Yarbo’s combinations simplifies seasonal maintenance into independent modules which are all carried out from a single unit.

It is a little hilarious how Yarbo claims that its unique design lets it to work without a perimeter cable. There are other robots in the market that are able to work within a designated space through geofencing. How is this a unique design?

The campaign has a very low funding goal of USD 50,000, considering that the pledges are USD 2,999. Did they only planned to raise enough funds to produce 16 units? This makes me doubt the company’s capabilities.

Yarbo uses a modular system that lets you switch between lawn mowing, leaf blowing, and snow clearing. Well, the Kickstarter campaign says snow cleaning but I’m pretty sure it is just clearing the snow and not cleaning it. Why would anyone want to clean snow?

Background check

Yarbo selected Ronkonkoma, NY was the Kickstarter campaign’s location. The verified location of the campaign creator in the creator profile is Shenzhen, China.

The Yarbo brand is owned by Yarbo Inc in the US. The company is registered to Yang Huang.

We produced about 100 units of the snow blower robot (it was called Snowbot before rebranded to Yarbo) and sent them out for beta testing last year (2021). We received a lot of valuable user feedback and suggestions, as well as some videos. Just take a look for reference. Go to our YouTube Channel for more.

The company claim that the brand was called Snowbot before it was rebranded Yarbo. The Snowbot brand is owned by Shenzhen Hanyang Technology Co, Ltd in the US and China. The Hanyang Technology’s legal representative is also Yang Huang.

While the team is not straightforward with them being a company based in Shenzhen, they are more transparent with the team by presenting the CEO, vice president, and product director with their full names and brief introduction.

CEO Allen Huang is most likely Yang Huang, the owner of both Yarbo Inc and Shenzhen Hanyang Technology Co, Ltd.

Is it worth it?

The Yarbo is available for purchase on ECPlaza at USD 3,999. That’s more expensive than the USD 2,999 early bird Kickstarter price.

There are many robot lawn mowers available on Amazon for a fraction of the price. There are, however, no robot snow blowers yet.

While we have our concerns about these campaigns, there are no outright red flags that would make us call out Yarbo as a scam.

We’ll keep our eyes on things and feel free to get in touch if you discover something that we missed.

Yarbo yard robot video



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