Unisex EVA raincoat with adjustable size promotes minority culture heritage


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Eva raincoat with Miao minority cultural art

Rain is taking humans, uh, by storm. We are experiencing extreme weathers in different parts of the world, such as the forest fires in Australia and some of the worst floods on record. But, hey, don’t worry. Just ask your favourite AI assistant what the weather is before you leave home. That should help make sure we head out with our brollies and EVA raincoat, right? Padmé, stop right there.

From my experience with Siri and Alexa, they are as fickle as the weather. They might tell you it won’t rain, and then it pours. You check your phone and now they say thunderstorms expected. What are you going to do? Rage at your phone or smash it into the wall?

The simple solution is to always carry a lightweight EVA raincoat with you. Like how Superman always wears his suit under his clothes. Think like Raincoat Man.

You know that feeling when you wake up to a heavy downpour on a working day. Some of you might just report in sick. Not me. Rain or shine, I commute daily across the city to stick my paws on the keyboard. My boss said we should bear with the rain. (He thinks he’s funny punny.)

But that’s not why I was looking for a raincoat. I went for lunch on a bright sunny day. When I finished my meal, it was raining so heavily that even my umbrella put its arms up and surrendered. I was drenched. Imagine returning to the office dripping wet.


What is it?

The answer is pretty straightforward: it’s a unisex EVA raincoat. Nothing magical there. It doesn’t turn into a house and it can’t make you fly when you wear it. Its has the same mission as the condom – to protect you during a wet situation.

There are many EVA raincoats out there, but this one stands out with what it, uh, stands for. It incorporates Chinese minority culture to promote the safeguarding of intangible cultural heritage. It comes with a print that uses the traditional design of the Miao people. The Hmong is the more well-known sub-group that has migrated out of China into Southeast Asia.

The Miao believes that Mother Butterfly lives in the maple tree, and she is the guardian of the Miao people. The design aims to promote more awareness of the Miao culture and to preserve the minority heritage. The product is part of a project dedicated to eradicate and improve the living environment of the minorities.

Who is it for

This EVA raincoat is for anyone who doesn’t want to be caught in the rain without an umbrella. If you’re the weird ones that enjoy singing and dancing in the rain, then this is still for you! You can continue being odd by wearing this on a hot sunny day. It looks fashionable enough for that.

It is literally for anyone. Have you ever bought a raincoat, only to find that it’s too big? Well, big raincoats means you’re even less likely to get wet, but it can be a hassle to try to do things with your hands, or when the raincoat drags on the ground.

The raincoat has a smart design that lets you tailor it to your preferred size. It’s a tearable raincoat. How’s that for a pun? You can tear off the sleeves and bottoms to tailor it to the perfect size that fits you. Whether you’re the Mountain or the Imp, this raincoat has got you covered. Mother Butterfly might protect you against the dragons?

You’ll never be Taylor Swift but with this you can at least be a swift tailor.

Tear along the dotted lines. Enjoy the sound of the tearing. Mmmm…. and tada! You got the perfect raincoat. You might want to sing “We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together” while you’re at it to remind yourself not to tear at the wrong spot.

EVA raincoat alterable sizes

What problem does it solve

Just like there are products for dry situations, there are those for when things get too wet. This EVA raincoat keeps you dry on rainy days. It is lightweight, so it is easy to bring wherever you go. It might not be as portable as condoms are, but hey, you don’t have to be as discreet with this.

It also deals with the problem of having fixed-size raincoats. They might be too big or too small for you. The smart tearaway design means it is a one-size-fits-all raincoat. Condoms already do that, but better late than never. That’s what she said.

EVA raincoat with tearable sleeves

Is it innovative

It’s tearable! So, yes. As long as you don’t make the terrible mistake of tearing the wrong spot. Well, it’s not the end of the world. You just have shorter ends that at means your arms and feet might get wet. You just need to dry them off knowing that you made a fashion statement.

Jokes aside, it is a great way to promote minority cultural awareness. By bearing such symbolic intangible cultural heritage, it also gives back to the society by supporting the minorities. It’s doing such big things besides keeping you dry when it rains. How cool is that?

Is it worth it

It retails for $12. That is the average price of EVA ponchos you find on Amazon. But they come in fixed sizes and they don’t look as fashionable as this one.

Bear in mind that you’re also helping to support minorities to have a better life, and learn a little about their cultural heritage. You can also share this intangible cultural heritage when someone asks you what that interesting design is on your raincoat. And look like you’re a deep, knowledgeable, sensitive person.

So, yeah. It is worth it. Period.

Wait, there’s more. It is also made of non-toxic, eco-friendly material. So you’re also doing your part for environment.

EVA raincoats on Amazon

Are there any alternatives

Raincoats used to flood the market during the rainy seasons. Now they flood the market all year round.

Cheap ponchos are available between $10 to 15. If you want something that looks a bit more fancy, they go for around US$30-50.

Proper rain jackets and raincoats start at $30 and go up over $200 for the branded ones. They would provide more protection from rain and cold, but they are so bulky you probably won’t carry them wherever you go.

From my research, I haven’t seen any raincoat that contributes to charity or promotes minority culture.

Raincoats on Amazon


Rain rain go away. Little Johnny wants to play. Well, Little Johnny doesn’t need to chase away the rain. He just needs a raincoat.

This EVA raincoat is so simple, yet it does so much. We love products like these. They do what they are supposed to do. They do it well and have some thoughtful features. All that and they still care for minorities and the environment?

It checks all the boxes for the price of two cups of coffee. Need I say more?

Terra says it brings the sound of rains to your backyard. With this EVA raincoat, you can be in the rain! Embrace the rain, without soaking it up literally. Just soak it up metaphorically.

I’m no expert but floods seems to be happening more. So stay safe. Have your raincoat ready. And think about Mother Butterfly.

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