The Brow sun visor


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The Brow sun visor


Being in the sun is good for us. Sunlight makes our body create MELATONIN, which is important for the good functioning of our brains. Open your eyes. However, we have to be aware that too much sunlight on our skin and in our eyes can have negative side effects. The Brow® creates the necessary, convenient shade for your eyes.

Have a good cup of coffee, a good conversation on a terrace, and see your friends straight in the eyes.

The Brow® makes you focus on your goal and helps you to perform. Your eyes are covered from direct sunlight and with only 19 grams it feels like it is not even there.

Sunglasses are bad for our eyes if they have poor or no UV protection. Our pupils constrict in bright light to protect our retina. Wearing sunglasses gives our eyes the illusion that it isn’t that bright, so our pupils dilate and let in more light. This means more harmful UV rays might enter our eyes. Long term exposure leads to the formation of cataracts.

The Brow helps shade our eyes without lenses. This means our eyes will rely on our natural body mechanisms to reduce light entering our eyes. Does this mean it is superior to sunglasses?

Sunglasses with 100% UV protection are still better. They block out harmful UV light. The Brow doesn’t. Wearing The Brow would expose your eyes to more UV radiation than sunglasses. Situations where we tend to wear sunglasses or The Brow would expose us to more sunlight and potentially excessive UV light. So it is important to get sufficient UV protection.

Moreover sunglasses have lenses that can help block sand and allergens that might irritate our eyes when we are outdoors.

The benefits of The Brow would be its compact nature. It doesn’t have any lenses that might shatter if we drop it. It is lightweight and its design makes it pretty durable. So it is comfortable to wear and would last you a long time. It also doesn’t have anything in front of your eyes. This means you keep your field of view clear. This is great for situations where you want your vision unhindered.

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