Mondgo all-season sustainable vegan silk sleepwear


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Mondgo sleepwear

Having good nights’ sleep is one of the top two problems troubling modern homo sapiens in my opinion. The other one is, of course, finding your soul mates.

There are many factors contributing to good sleep. Dim room, noise-free environment, good mood, comfortable sleepwear, and so on. Some say Sleepout curtain helps. Others like me beg to differ. I believe instead in the importance of comfortable sleepwear.

That’s why I was excited when I saw Mondgo sleepwear on Kickstarter. If you are looking for good sleepwear, keep reading to see what’s special about Mondgo.

Here we go!

What is it

Mondgo all-season sustainable vegan silk sleepwear

Mondgo is an brand of comfortable sleepwear for modern men and women. Its products are made from bamboo and mint. On Mondgo’s campaign page, it claims to be smart sleepwear. I’m a bit confused by that.

Smart products make me think of smart technology that change our life in a high-tech way. But I didn’t see that side of Mondgo. I assume they are using a different definition of smart.

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They advertise Mondgo as all-season sleepwear that aims to help you sleep well. Their soft and silky material is comfortable for your skin.

What problems does it solve

Mondgo all-season sustainable vegan silk sleepwear

It’s sleepwear we are talking about, so it doesn’t solve any radical live-or-die problems. But for people who don’t sleep naked, good sleepwear is vital. Even for those who like to sleep naked, Mondgo can be their loungewear while they wander around the house.

Mondgo tread in the river of nice silk-feeling materials and stylish designs for different situations. You can wear it to sleep or sit on the balcony for a cozy afternoon read. They also say it’s good for workouts, too. It might be suitable for taichi, meditation, or some mild in-house stretching. For other kinds of workouts, this still won’t be a good choice.


Who is it for

It’s for me and you. This sustainable vegan silk all-season sleepwear is designed for both adult men and women. I’m not sure why they want to call it vegan, I mean who in the right mind would want to eat their sleepwear? But, as always, we criticise but we don’t judge.

For men, it has deep pockets and a drop crotch which allows some extra movements and pocket billiard. It’s designed to be roomy and comfortable. The pants will have a regular inseam length of 32 inches with extra fabric tucked inside. You can alter it to an extended length you prefer.

Mondgo all-season sustainable vegan silk sleepwear

For women, it comes with a butterfly back and half-elasticated waistband. Silicone grips prevent it sleepwear from riding up at night. Girls should know the pain.

Mondgo all-season sustainable vegan silk sleepwear
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Is it innovative

It doesn’t seem to be innovative at first glance. I mean, it’s sleepwear. But they put in hard work to improve the quality and make it into a more comfortable wear.

Bamboo pyjamas are nothing new. But combining bamboo and mint is a first time for me. The mint in the fabric helps make the fabric feel cooler. Perfect for summer. Even though it is advertised as all-season sleepwear, it feels a bit too cool for winter (no pun intended).

Mondgo all-season sustainable vegan silk sleepwear

I prefer cotton over silky materials during wintertime. Cringing at the moment my skin touches the sleepwear is not what I’m looking for after a hot soothing shower.

Is it worth it

The early bird price on Kickstarter is $100 and it retails at $140 after the campaign. You get a set including a top and a bottom. The price is a bit high. Normal bamboo pyjamas cost around $30 to $40 on Amazon. For silk sleepwear, the price is above $100.

I personally wouldn’t spend this much on sleepwear because it suits me when it’s hot. When winter comes, I’d turn to more traditional pajamas. The coolness this texture provides is not what I’m looking for. I’m too cool for that.

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What? This meme is too cliche now? Bear with it!

Are there any alternatives

Yes, there are.

You can choose your sleepwear based on your budget and your preference. For those naked sleepers, money well saved! Sleepwear range from $20 to $200 and more if you want to be fancy. Of course, the quality varies. You pay for what you get.

If you like silky textures, the price would be higher than the common ones, sometimes even double the latter’s price. If you have a boyfriend, then problem solved. You can use your boyfriend’s t-shirt as sleepwear. They will be loose-fitting and comfortable. And they can stay topless. 😉


I’m not sure how innovative a sleepwear is, especially when it isn’t really smart. But, hey, there are over 1,500 backers on Kickstarter who helped the campaign raise over $270,000. That goes to show that there are people who believe it is innovative enough or at least worth the money.

That said, there is some controversy going on and you should check the comments before deciding whether to back this campaign. Mondgo does not come in plus sizes. So if you have a big body or are tall, you might not be able to fit into the sleepwear.

The creator has not reacted well to the feedback from backers who can’t fit into the existing sizes. It seems like the creator did not make this product themselves, but are sourcing it from a manufacturer in China. This might explain why they are not able to provide larger sizes that the factory is unable to produce unless they meet a certain quantity.

Would you want to support such a lack of inclusivity? Or a campaign that is reselling an existing product rather than producing something innovative on their own?

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