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Lodge was designed to bring premium audio to your outdoor space without the cost and hassle of installing wired speakers.

Unlike portable party speakers, you never need to bring Lodge speakers inside to charge; they live outside all year round.

Lodge is easy to set up, low-maintenance and made to handle any occasion, anywhere. Whether you’re sitting poolside enjoying the sun, hosting a party or event, or enjoying your backyard oasis, Lodge is designed to handle any outdoor space delivering quality sound — powered by the sun.

I love the innovative design that Lodge Outdoor, not to be confused with Lodge Cast Iron, brings to their speakers. There are many solar-powered speakers in the market, but they are mostly unimaginative and incorporate a single solar panel to power the speaker. The Lodge speaker place solar panels in the three of the four largest surface areas of the speaker, as well as the top (of course!) to provide maximum charging.

There is no mention of the battery capacity. With a 15-hour battery life, maximising the solar charging would help to ensure that it has as much juice as possible to keep it going all day.

One concern is that it might not unlock the full potential of stereo sound since it only has a single driver and tweeter, though with Bluetooth 5.3 it is technically able to pair multiple devices to your phone to get better surround sound effect.

Another gripe is the use of a stand to mount the Lodge speaker on the ground outdoors. That would very likely reduce the bass from the subwoofer. Then again, even if the subwoofer presses down the ground, there is not much vibration it can create in an outdoor environment to get rich bass.

That said, it is an innovative first product and we look forward to seeing future iterations and product lines from Lodge Outdoors.

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