LastPad reusable eco-friendly menstrual pads


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LastPad reusable eco-friendly menstrual pads

If a genie could grant me three wishes, I would wish for kids to be punished for their own crimes, and for menstruation to be painless. As a female bear, I suffer a week or more of unbearable pain monthly, and sometimes people around me get caught up in it as well.

Ladies know what I’m talking about. Our bodies hurt and we feel horrid. Guys, know what I mean too. We ladies get huge mood fluctuations that surprises even ourselves.


I’m not religious, but sometimes I start to wonder why God wants to punish us women. And I had an epiphany. It is for the damage we cause to the environment by using disposable menstrual pads. Well, we can argue about whether the chicken or egg came first but that’s a topic for another day.

So when I saw LastPad on Kickstarter, I realised someone else shared my eureka moment. LastPad is a reusable eco-friendly menstrual pad.

Wait, you’re saying I forgot I have a third wish? Well, that’s a no brainer. To wish for another set of three wishes of course!

What is it

LastPad is is a reusable menstrual pad created by LastObject, a company that strives to solve the problem of disposables we use in everyday life. The company does so by creating problems that will become, as its name suggests, the last object that you will need.

LastObject created products such as LastTissueBox reusable tissue boxes, LastRound reusable cotton rounds for makeup, LastTissue handkerchief, and LastSwab reusable cotton swab. This time, they tackle the waste created by the use of disposable menstrual pads.

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Instead of going through the horrid menstrual period by damaging the environment, you can now have a peace of mind that you’re helping to cut down waste with your LastPad.

It comes with a triple-layer design that has anti-bacterial properties. It is also more absorbent than our traditional single-use pads. You know what they say, three makes a threesome steady team! You don’t have to worry about the days with heavy flow.

The top layer is made of antibacterial polyester to keep the dreaded urinary tract infection away. The bottom layer contains fast-wicking bamboo charcoal that draws fluids into the middle layer, keeping your skin dry and fresh.

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Who is it for

LastPad is for environmentally conscious women who want to protect the environment while they suffer. It might appeal to guys who has a habit of buying such personal items for the ladies in their life.

The product is not just for those who want to go eco-friendly. It is also friendly on your wallets. Instead of having to spend on sanitary pads, LastPad is a one-time purchase. It might cost more than disposable menstrual pads, but it is cheaper in the long run. Great if you are money conscious.

We usually have to pay more for environmentally friendly options! How about that?

What problem does it solve

Did you know that menstrual products are the fifth most common plastic product found in the oceans? Set aside the question of how they end up in the ocean. They are fatal for marine life.

With this eco-friendly reusable LastPad, you are also doing your part to help make the oceans safer for its inhabitants. The step might not be as big a leap Neil Armstrong’s, but you don’t really take steps in the ocean, do you?

I imagine myself being a champion for using LastPad and winning the approval of Aquaman. Speaking of whom, he’s too hot to be homeless, right?


Besides, it also saves you the time shopping and comparing between different brands of menstrual pads.

A woman uses around 16,000 or more tampons or pads in her lifetime. I’m bad with numbers so I’m using the calculation from the LastPad Kickstarter page as reference:

If using menstruation pads then you will probably go through 4 single-use pads (between 4-5) per day with an average price of $0.48 per pad. 

Per periode: 4 single-use pads per day x 5 days of a period = 20 pads per cycle x 0.48 per pad =$9.6 per cycle.

Per year: 4 single-use pads per day x 5 days of a period = 20 pads per cycle x 13 periods = 260 pads per year x $0.48 per pad = $124.8 per year.

In a lifetime: 4 single-use pads per day x 5 days of a period = 20 pads per cycle x 494 periods = 9,880 pads per life x 0.48 per pad = $4,742.4 in a lifetime.

LastPad Kickstarter page

Come to think of it, if I started using LastPad, I might be able to afford a lot of things with the money I save!

Is it innovative

This might be the most resounding yes I’ve given to a product so far.

Many menstrual products try to be more environmentally friendly. There are organic products in the market, but creating eco-friendly products is a path less travelled.

There are three innovations that I really like about LastPad.

  1. It cares about the environment. It uses sustainable materials and helps cut down waste.
  2. It is the first reusable pad that uses revolutionary silicone to keep it in place. No more panties being ruined by sticky adhesive straps.
  3. The bottom layer is made of TPU that ensures that it stays leak-proof.
  4. And it comes with a pouch for great discreet portability. Oops, I can’t count.
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Is it worth it

If you have a hand as fast as that of a single guy, you can still get their Kickstarter price when you pre-order on the campaign page. The Tester Pack retails for $59 and comes with 3 black pads and 3 carry pouches. The Lite Pack costs $79 for 6 pads and 6 pouches.

Personally, I consider this a very worthwhile purchase. The price is reasonable if you take into consideration its quality and all the benefits you can get from it. One tiny gripe I have with it is the lack of choices for colours. It only comes in black.

I understand lighter colours might be harder to avoid stains, but people might want to avoid a black pad if they are wearing light-coloured panties.

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Are there any alternatives

You can’t find two leaves that are exactly the same, but you can find similar ones. The same goes for LastPad. There are reusable eco-friendly menstrual pads that arealready on the market. Here are three for your reference.

  1. Rovtop 10 Pcs Reusable Sanitary Pads – $26.99
  2. JOBEBE reusable menstrual pads – $18.99
  3. wegreeco Bamboo Reusable Sanitary Pads – $5.99

As you can see, the price varies quite a bit. Like I always say, your life, your choice. I’ll it to you to decide which option is best for you. Choosing menstrual pads is the same as choosing a life partner. It is for the long term but you can still ditch them if they are just too much to handle and move on to the next option.


Women are living a bloody tough life. See what I did there? But there are always ways for us to improve our lives. Products like LastPad should be cherished.

The Earth survived the cold, the hot, and has seen the birth and extinct of dinosaurs and countless creatures. Meanwhile, we humans have been here for a period of time that’s not worth mentioning to nature.

It’s true that we have been the best suited to become the dominant species on the planet, but this is also why I believe if falls upon us to protect the environment.

Besides, we’re not really saving the Earth. We are actually saving yourselves. Don’t think you are doing the earth a favor. You are saving your own bloody ass. Oops, did it again!

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I’m a reindeer that identifies as a bear. I’m the Critical Bear that does standup comedy.


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