Kaibo Flex next generation bone conduction headphones


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Introducing the next wave of bone conduction headphones – brought to you by a team that believes safe, open-ear listening should still come with an amazing audio experience!

Bone conduction technology (BCT) works by sending sound vibrations to your inner ear through bone rather than the air in your ear canal. This means you can listen to your calls and music while leaving your ears open to hear your surroundings.

We want you to hear it all – whether you’re exercising outdoors, working from the local coffee shop, a multi-tasking parent at home or hard-of-hearing, our bone conduction headphones provide comfort and safety without sacrificing on audio quality.

Kaibo Flex claims to be the next generation bone conduction headphones. Based on the introduction above from their Kickstarter page, it seems that there’s nothing innovative about Kaibo Flex. They are basically describing what all bone conduction headphones do.

The Kickstarter video is shot in Shenzhen. The company actually discloses that their manufacturing facilities are in Shenzhen. It’s a change to see a Kickstarter team being so transparent.

They use 3D renders to show product details. I would love to see more photos of the products, and I’m sure backers would appreciate that too.

The company claims that the Kaibo Flex is built to last. Really? The use of fast charging on such a small battery would probably have an impact on the battery’s lifespan.

Misleading battery life

Kaibo Flex next generation bone conduction headphones misleads with its battery life

They also claim a 40 hour battery life with the dock.

 Kaibo Flex has a built-in battery with up to 8 hours of listening time on a single charge and standby time for up to an entire week. The wireless charging dock adds another 32 hours of battery life, giving you a total of up to 40 hours when you’re on-the-go.

This is like a smartphone company claiming that it would have double or triple the battery life if you bring it around with a power bank. Shame on Kaibo for trying to be misleading. Any other bone conduction headphones would have an extended battery life if you carry a power bank with you and charge your headphones with it.

Patented without proof

Kaibo claims to have patented audio technology.

Kaibo Flex uses patented audio technology to deliver crystal-clear mid and high-pitch frequencies alongside solid bass. You can hear every detail accurately. 

And patented transducers.

We’ve also combined our patented bone conduction transducers with the right materials and mechanical design to minimize any vibrations you might feel. Now you can enjoy your music and calls at any volume without any uncomfortable sensations or stress to your ears.

Yet we haven’t seen any proof of their patents. If the Kaibo team reads this, please get in touch with the patents or, better still, post them on the Kickstarter page to assure backers that you can back up your claims.

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