Jasper Modular Shelves, a clever way to use space


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Jasper Modular Shelves

Imagine buying a set of shelves from your favourite furniture shop, only to realise that it doesn’t fit the space you have. Well, there are rulers, and there are people like me. That was me just two weeks ago. I ended up having to make do and try to accommodate them. How hard is it to find a shelf that fits the space you allocated for it?

Then I came across Jasper Modular Shelves. It blew my mind. And it was a rather bittersweet moment. Had I known of its existence, I would have gone for it instead of the shelf that is awkwardly standing in an area larger than what I planned for.

What is it

Jasper Modular Shelves are, as the name suggests, shelves that can be rearranged for you to exercise your creativity. Think of it as a set of building blocks akin to Lego. You can set them up in whatever way fancies you, or in an arrangement that makes the most out of the space available.

Find yourself running out of shelf space? The best thing about these modular shelves is their flexibility and being able to adapt to your needs. You can simply buy more modules to extend your shelves.

Going through a Marie Kondo phase and tossed out all the things that don’t spark joy? Remove the excess modules to rid your room of the unsightly empty shelves. Wait, don’t toss the shelves too. Store them to prevent them from collecting dust. Chances are, you’ll need them sooner than later.

The modules come in different dimensions. Play around with the modules and create your very own work of art while magically increasing the storage space in your room.

For the items that you want to keep out of sight, there are door add-ons to step up your privacy game.

What problem does it solve

Should furniture be fixed and rigid? Jasper Modular Shelves give a resounding no to this debate. Imagine having shelves that adapt as you grow and go through different phases in life. Minimalism. Going on a manga collection spree. Decluttering. Getting your hands on all the Funko Pop or Nendoroid you adore. KonMari enters your life again.

You can also make clever use of space with these shelves by making them fit the space you have. Regular shelves might do the job, but you could actually make more space available if you had custom-made shelves. But with specially-made shelves, you are still stuck with that layout and look. Modular shelves will change your concept of shelves completely.

Who is it for

If you’re like me and have experienced buying shelves that could not fit the space you planned for it. You know how annoying it is and will understand why I love them.

Not good at stacking and building? If that’s your concern, don’t worry, I got your back. The Jasper Shelves website has a configurator that allows you to digitally experiment with the shelf combinations before you make your purchase.

You can arrange the shelves with the drag-and-drop tool to your liking within the space available in your apartment. See what the shelves would look like and have a peace of mind before you buy them.

Jasper Modular Shelving configurator, an online interactive drag-and-drop tool to visualise your shelf layouts.

Is it innovative

Shelves are nothing innovative. Neither are modular shelves. So can we conclude that the Jasper Modular Shelves aren’t innovative?

Not quite. You see, the team are innovative in terms of how they market the product. Some of you might have noticed that Jasper Modular Shelves campaign is in the Table Top Games category on Kickstarter. They are targeting board game lovers who have a constantly expanding collection.

Board game boxes come in all sorts of sizes and a modular shelf design would help ensure you fit your collection and keep them well-organised. The doors and drawers options further increase the versatility of the shelf modules.

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Is it worth it

The IKEA EKET cube storage is about the same size as the Small Jasper module. The EKET costs $20 while the Jasper is $69. Of course, the latter comes with supposedly better quality wood and it is designed to work with the other modules.

With the IKEA, it only comes in one size, so your items have to fit that 31 x 31 cm (12 x 12”) space. Meanwhile ,the Jasper also have Tall and Wide options besides the Large module. You pay more for the option of having more flexibility as well. But a whole set of Jasper Modular Shelves would still be cheaper than a set of custom-made shelves and still have greater versatility.

For me, it is definitely worth paying the extra money. We are talking about a set of shelves that grows with you and lets you adapt it to different phases of your life. The rigidity of traditional shelves means you would have to throw them away or selling them and get a new set. Not to mention the ineffective use of space. You are paying more to save more.

Besides, you can replace individual modules should they suffer wear and tear.

What are the alternatives

From my limited research for sets of modular shelves, I only found Magic 7 Box Shelf comes close to what Jasper Modular Shelves offer. There are modular shelves sold individually that you might want to consider too.

However, the Magic 7 Box Shelf comes in standardised sets of 7 modules. So it really limits your creativity. What if your magic number is eight? Do you buy two sets and store the extra six? Such inflexibility is a significant compromise in customising your space.

Or you could get the Magic 7 Box Shelf set and an IKEA EKET cube storage module as an add-on. I’m not sure if they would go well together. If you’ve tried it, leave a comment and let us know.


TL;DR: Jasper Modular Shelves utilise limited spaces in ways you could never imagine visualise but can’t realise with traditional shelves.

The shelves grow with you, your collection of items you want to display on the shelves, and how your lifestyle changes. Instead of having to change shelves when you enter a different phase in life, Jasper Modular Shelves helps you to save money by adapting to the changes.

However, if you’re looking to save money, well, our tips above have already got you covered.

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