5 questions to ask before you get the AZIO IZO keyboard


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AZIO IZO - the vibrant and intuitive wireless keyboard

I bought my car because it is blue. Who wouldn’t? How is the car performing? No idea! I’m happy enough looking at the car.

Speaking of blue, I saw the AZIO IZO on Kickstarter.

What is it?

AZIO IZO is a vibrant collection of computer accessories that aims to boost your mood through colour. In another word, a set of shiny/pretty wireless keyboards.

Azio Izo colours

Who is AZIO IZO for?

It is for people or bears looking for a colourful wireless keyboard to boost their moods. Imagine working on the dull tasks your boss assigned every day. Rain or sunshine, your work never ends. Some colours on your desk might cheer you up.

That irritating colleague over there might even be less mean to you, because you use a keyboard with their favourite colour. Until they get jealous and want one too. Or if their favourite colour changes as often as their mood.

Is it innovative?

The colours are nice but the idea isn’t. It is an old idea hidden under a set of colours. If I were the judge and to judge it by its cover, I wouldn’t consider it as innovative.

I mean, why separate the numpad from the keyboard? Here’s your keyboard, sold seaprately. I get it that they want to get more money from us but come on.

Dual control dial knob for media and lighting

That big knobby dial on top to control media and lighting? I’m not so sure about that. My keyboard should just be comfortable, get my typing right, and put me in the mood to crank out my essays. Key travel and feedback are the most important criteria.

I don’t need fancy lighting under the keys. I mean, who looks at those? It’s call touch typing. Not see typing. Also, having lights on your keyboard at work might just piss off that nasty colleague.

Is it worth it?

Even though I’m tempted by the colours, I chose to stay away from it because I like blue and quietness. As you can see in the review video on the campaign page, the AZIO IZO keyboard is far from quiet. I get that noisy keyboards with haptic feedback are popular with people. They claim it helps them type faster and more accurately. I have paws instead of fingers and my claws go clickety-clack on my keyboard already, so it’s not for me.

While I can’t speak for everyone since I’m just a bear, #BearsOpinionsMatter. If you are superficial like me, you might get this to decorate your desk. But if you are looking for something that works the best for you. You might want to take into consideration noise it makes while you’re trying to type out your next masterpiece.

Oh, I can already hear the click-clack of the furious keyboard warriors who are writing an essay to refute this, or at least to say that bear opinions don’t matter.

What are the alternatives?

There are no alternatives for a good blue! Just kidding! I’m Rainee and I’m blue da-ba-dee

There are many colourful wireless keyboards that you can find online. You’ll be spoilt for choices if you’re in the market for one.

Blue wireless keyboard

This blue baby keyboard and mouse set costs only $39.99, a tad cheaper than the $40 IZO numpad. And it comes with the numpad built into the keyboard! How innovative!

Honey green wireless keyboard with numpad and mouse set

Or this green honey keyboard and mouse set costs $26.99. I can’t resist honey, you know. It’s a bear essential.

It’s easy to find colourful keyboards that will brighten your desk and your mood for the day. I’m not going to put all the examples I found on Amazon here. You know how lazy I am. The bottom line is that there are good alternatives on the market you might want to check out.

Maybe you should buy one for your the annoying colleague.

Critical Bear Rainee the reindeer bear

Hi, I’m Rainee.

I’m a reindeer that identifies as a bear. I’m the Critical Bear that does standup comedy.


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