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So far, using conventional projectors because you need them, not because they’re great. We know, we’ve done our homework. Our R&D team heard your concerns:

1. Conventional projectors are too large and heavy and need to be plugged in before they can be used.

2. Most small projectors have low brightness and resolution levels, making the visual part of the projection look poor and disengaging.

3. Projectors typically offer only limited angle options, and the projected image isn’t always well represented.

4. More often than not, projectors do not have integration options with Android, making projections
from a phone difficult or simply impossible.

5. Projectors always have very poor sound effects, hurting the quality of the presentation being made.

I’m not sure if they have done their research on the size of pockets. This thing is definitely too big for my pocket, or most pockets. Maybe they are referring to a big pocket on your backpack?

Also, there are many portable projectors in the market. We found many on Amazon. Too big and heavy are real subjective terms. So what is suitable for you really depends on your expectations and needs. Many of them are wireless, so you can skip the plugging-in part.

You can find 1080p and 4K projectors on Amazon. Many of them have 9,500 lumens so they are pretty bright. You can also find those with built-in speakers and integrated Android TV. The options on Amazon are cheaper than the iSpace2 Pro, with some even half the price. So you might need deep pockets if you want to throw $219 at a projector with a fairly unknown brand.

So, if you have done a little research, you can see that the claims by ViewComm is rather dubious. The only plus point of the iSpace2 Pro is the form factor.

Background check

The ViewComm brand is owned by Shenzhen ViewComm Technology Co, Ltd. The Kickstarter campaign names Shenzhen Yingtong Technology Co, Ltd as the company behind the project. ViewComm is the translation of the Chinese name.

The company also owns the brand Roomovie.

The creator of the campaign has the experience and manufacturing capability to bring the product to life. This looks more like a pre-order campaign rather than an innovative product looking to get support to fund their first batch of production.

The only misstep is to call it a pocket projector. The rest of the marketing fluff is typical of an ecommerce brand, so we kind of expect that. Still, we call out what we see.
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