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A portable tire inflator can come in handy during a roadside emergency. It can be kept in your garage, toolkit, or vehicle for routine maintenance or fixing sudden situations. Urlazy is such a lightweight, pocket-sized air compressor that provides a quick, easy way to top up low tire pressure no matter you’re heading to work, school, or on a road trip. It features 60s fast inflation, auto pressure check and 4 working modes, air pressure supports up to 150 PSI. It is built for almost all tires and inflatables like cars (gas/diesel/electric), e-bikes, balls, motorcycles, air mattress and swimming ring.

How lazy were they when they were coming up with the brand name? They were probably like, “Nah we’re not going to come up with a brand name. We’ll just call out our customers for being lazy.”

Our scam alert senses went tingling as soon as we saw the campaign.

60 seconds fast inflation?

The selling point of the Urlazy is its fast inflation mode, but seriously, you really need such a fast inflation rate? The RYSEAB inflator on Amazon costs $70 and promises an inflation time of 60 seconds from 25 to 36 PSI.

The Urlazy claims to have a 60 second inflation speed without stating the pressure range for that. Dodgy much?

In fact, Urlazy states that the actual pump times is pretty similar to other options in the market.

Equipped with the advanced technology, Urlazy inflator comes with an increased inflation performance, making it faster than the majority of competitors. It takes just 11 and 3 minutes to fully inflate a small car or a motorcycle tire, respectively.

It seems like you only get 60 seconds inflation speed if you are pumping motorcycle tires. They are using the 60 seconds inflation time as a marketing spin to differentiate themselves from the competitors when they don’t really differ much from them. Red flag! 🚩

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Background check

First off, the founder is called Trueman Wang. What a name. I just can’t…

The team photos look dodgy as well.

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The campaign creator is Quinn Gary John and the campaign claims to be in Calgary, Canada. I wonder why he doesn’t show up in the team. Red flag! 🚩

There’s no company name given anywhere on the campaign. There’s no company website and we found no US trademark registered for the brand Urlazy. I guess they were too lazy to register a trademark. We found a Chinese trademark application for Urlazy submitted on 20 November 2021 by the company Shenzhen Urlife Technology Co, Ltd owned by a certain Zhang Jie.

The Urlife company website doesn’t work, but you can see their products on Alibaba.. The company also owns the Dokiy brand. Check out their Dokiy car vacuum cleaner Kickstarter campaign. The comments indicate that while some backers received the product, it doesn’t work.

This is such a huge red flag for us. It is very likely that the Urlazy inflator is also a scammy or at best a shoddy product. Red flag x2! 🚩🚩

What are the alternatives?

Cordless portable tire inflators are nothing new. There are many in the market that you can find on Amazon between $50 to $100. Urlazy costs $65 during their Kickstarter with a future retail price of $100. We suspect this to be a case of marking up the retail price to drive more sales.

There are just so many factors that point to a high possibility of this being a scam. Help out other Kickstarter backers if you see this. Get them to check out our research so they can make a more informed decision before backing a dodgy campaign like this.

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