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Uixoo Hi16 is a wearable intelligent power supply designed for AirPods with a neck-mounted design. It provides AirPods with intelligent charging, drop-proofness, longer battery life, and easier call answering. It is also the world’s first earphone strap that can charge all versions of AirPods.

UIXOO Hi16 by Shenzhen Huinn Innovation Technology Co, Ltd is a product that fails to understand a good product user experience.

They claim to solve several problems with AirPods.

  1. Can’t use AirPods while charging. Seasoned AirPods users know that you can charge one side of the phone while using the other, allowing you to continue your call without being interrupted. Swap them over to charge the other.
  2. Low battery in playtime(sic). I assume they mean it has a low playback time. They claim to provide an 18-hour playback instead of the 6 hours from AirPods. 6 hours is quite a long time to be using earphones. What kind of situation would you require 18 hours of playback? That’s not really good for your ears.
  3. Accidentally dropped while exercising. That’s probably that’s some intense workout. Given that the UIXOO Hi16 doesn’t alter the ear buds, the AirPods will still fall out when you exercise. It just tethers onto it so it doesn’t fall to the ground. Not really solving the problem here. We suggest getting Beats earbuds if this is an issue for you. Works as good as AirPods but made for exercising.
  4. Aging batteries with insufficient(sic). Not too sure what they’re getting at. Charging our AirPods with the UIXOO Hi16 would still age your AirPod batteries. It doesn’t solve this problem.
  5. Difficulty in temporary storage. How difficult is it to pop your AirPods back in their case? As long as you keep the case with you, it is easy to stow them away easily.

The point of having a cordless earphones is the freedom it gives. Adding the cords back to it just means more cables that might get caught or tangled.

They don’t address the concerns of the AirPods heating up while charging. How does that affect your ears and skin? Is it a risk to your safety?

Is with worth it?

Unfortunately, this seems like a product that tries to be different for the sake of being different without solving problems and solve problems that aren’t really problems. It’s a thumbs down from us.

The UIXOO Hi16 is selling at USD 55 during Kickstarter and will retail at around USD 77. For that price, you can get the Beats Flex to complement your AirPods and have change to spare.

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