UC01 universal charger for international travel


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UC01 universal charger

Let’s wind back the clock to some time before the pandemic. We were free to trip to different countries while quarantine made zero sense in our little minds. What annoyed us was still the various designs of charging sockets around the world. Thankfully, we have universal chargers.

The fear was real when you were packing for international travels. What if my digital devices went dead before I could find any adaptors? What if the one I bought didn’t work? That was the time when you asked yourself: would the world be a better place if it is a unified socialist place?

Of course, that was a joke. But the problem was not. I have been wanting to have a universal charger for international travels for some time. UC01 then caught my attention.

A universal charger that works in over 190 countries? I’m listening!

What is it

UC01 universal charger

The UC01 is a Kickstarter project by Mieum. It is a light, sleek, and robust charger that offers simple charging in more than 190 countries and territories. Being easy to use, it also reduces electronic waste. You don’t need to buy multiple adaptors for different destinations.

The combined USB and power adapter is easy to use and works across the globe. It supplies 30W GaN charging options for a range of devices, along with dual-port USB-A and USB-C charging for mobile devices such as ear pods and MacBook Air.

It’s easy to operate: twist, twist, adjust and twist. It will be easier to operate than your boyfriend. I promise. (kidding)

UC01 universal charger

What problems does it solve

It solves the problem where the charging standards for different countries vary. With a universal charger, you save time and money on buying different adaptors. Well, of course, this is not that big a problem now. Who needs a universal charger at home?

Now with the virus actively updating itself every now and then, how to charge your phone in another country is the least of people’s concern. We have our own lives to care about.

Quarantine day meme

However, the days will go back to normal again (I believe). These small but annoying problems will surface again and become vital. A universal charger will be a good option when that happens.

Who is it for

It is for those with passports, frequent travelers, world conquerors (No, Caesar, not you!). No matter who you are, as long as you have the needs or money to go to other countries, you might want to bring this with you. They designed it for safe charging in over 190 countries.

UC01 universal charger

George Clooney might be the No.1 target audience if his services were global (#MovieInTheAirAlert). I remember when I first went abroad, I didn’t even know that aside from cultural differences, our countries had charging disparity, too.

That small store next to our place saved my phone, aka, saved me. Only if this UC01 existed back then.

Is it innovative

It’s a yes for the concept. I also went online to see if anything similar already existed but found nothing. Universal adaptors are more common on the market. They reach the same destination but the paths are slightly different.

Amazon travel adapter

If your choice is a travel adaptor, you’d have to bring your chargers’ heads, too. While with UC01, you don’t need any extra heads, which is more convenient and easier to pack. I’m a lazy bear, or what millennials call a minimalist. Simplicity is always my preference.

Is it worth it

UC01 universal charger testimonials

I got a bit excited about the idea and forgot to check the price first. But money is an issue that always comes around. The MSRP is $99. During their Kickstarter campaign period, you can get one at $70. That’s around 5 Mac lipsticks in girls’ talking.

The price is reasonable. I think it’s worth the money. It’s a Kickstarter project which will be delivered around June 2022. Hopefully, that’ll be the time when coronavirus gets tired of upgrading itself and the world opens up again.

Are there any alternatives

Yes. I have this theory that everything is replaceable. Well, not living creatures, of course. YOU ARE UNIQUE! (some are uniquely stupid, but still, unique!) I’m talking about things we use daily. It’s always a mind game. Most of the time, it’s about changing how you see things instead of changing the things you are used to.

just remember it's all in your head - Roll Safe Black Guy Pointing at His  Head | Make a Meme

So, instead of a universal charger, you can also choose a universal adaptor mentioned earlier. For example, this EPICKA universal adaptor covers more than 150 countries and costs less than $20. Much cheaper than UC01. Could make a good alternative.

The good side of a universal adaptor is that it helps your chargers to adapt and it’s cheap. It’s not a top choice for minimalists but it can be an alternative.

Instead of a universal adaptor, you can also go for individual ones. For example, if you are a frequent in a certain country, you can just buy one for that destination. It wouldn’t cost much and will work fine.


UC01 universal charger team

Some people are questioning the team’s ability to deliver this product because they are a group of kids. I go back to my previous point: everyone in the world is unique. some are uniquely stupid. But still, unique.

To be honest, I like the idea of presenting the team via young versions of themselves. It makes them look more approachable. Well, a bit off the topic. Best wishes to all of you during this hard time.

Stay safe and travel later.

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