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We are TISHINE, a new company that combined with people who is creative and passionate and want to make a difference in EDC field. We want to come up with new idea and provide original idea and product to every of our customers. 

We feel really excited that we could meet you here with our latest design- the world’s first magnetic quick-release mini edc tool, made of titanium, it’s a multi-useful tool, that can be used as toothpick and box opener.

Another day, another scammy Kickstarter campaign. TISHINE is an EDC toothpick that also wants to be your box opener. Are you sure you want to stick it into your mouth after you use it to open your latest parcel? I mean, the shipment has probably gone through a lot of unhygienic surfaces and is probably not something you want a toothpick to go near.

We have seen how some Kickstarter creators take an existing product and market it in for use a different way. But I really can’t see how different TISHINE is compared to the tons of EDC titanium toothpick on Amazon.

The creator makes rather dodgy claims.

We have collected over 10,000 product feedback from customers to ask about their top 3 priority demand of a perfect toothpick.

There’s no proof of the survey they did to get 10,000 responses.

You don’t know how difficult it is to make a product like this, we turned down lots of design idea during the process.

While we understand that product development is a tough process and titanium is not easy to work with, the number of similar products on Amazon makes this point moot.

They claim innovation through a bolt-action design, but there are several on Amazon including this one by FEGVE.

Background check

There’s no registration for the TISHINE trademark anywhere. And we are unable to find any information on the company behind this campaign. They don’t even have a website. The tishine.com domain is held by a trading company called Jiangsu Honghai International Trade Limited Company but there’s no website accessible on the domain.

However, we managed to track down a certain Liaoning TISHINE Metals Co, Ltd that specialises in metal products, including titanium. While we cannot ascertain if they are truly behind this campaign, we won’t be surprised since they already manufacture and sell titanium toothpicks.

The team allegedly consists of Alan, Linda, and John. Very generic names without any fake last names to make them sound more credible. The team photos are three AI-generated images and none of them look like Xing Junnan, the person behind the account that created the campaign.

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Our verdict

There are just too many red flags. There is a very high possibility that this is a scam, so be warned if you plan to still back the campaign. We recommend that you check out the cheaper alternatives for EDC titanium toothpick on Amazon before deciding if you want to bet your money on the TISHINE.

Honestly, it doesn’t bring much innovation aside from the magnetic quick release. And we can’t even be sure if the magnets are strong enough to keep the toothpick in place.

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