Tiny but powerful Pixy Mini power bank at 5000 mAh


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Pixy Mini powerbank 5,000 mAh

Things were once big. Big phones, big houses, and big dreams. Now things changed a little. Things have become little. Less is more. We live in small apartments and prefer smaller things with greater portability. Oh, we also have small dreams such as walking around without masks.

But being small doesn’t mean being weak. Yeah, that’s what he said. Pixy Mini power bank wants to do likewise. Smaller than the rest but produces results that are just as good.

We can’t live without our phones. Power banks are our phones’ best friends. That makes them our best friends too. When we are on business trips or abducted and dumped in the middle of nowhere, the fear of our phone batteries dying on us is real.

The good news is that we have a large range of power banks to choose from. The bad news is no one wants to abduct you.

What makes Pixy Mini power bank stand out among the myriad of power banks? Well, it claims to be the most powerful power bank for its size. But is it really? Let’s have a closer look.

What is Pixy Mini

Pixy Mini power bank by Futurizta Tech weighs only 98 g (3.45oz). With an 18W PD input, it claims to be the most powerful for its size.

It has a capacity of 5,000 mAh. It might not seem impressive nowadays since we are used to 10,00 mAh to 20,000 mAh power banks. What it lacks in recharge juice, it more than makes up for it with its compact size.

Just how small is the Pixy Mini power bank? It is smaller than a credit card and is around 2.5 cm (1”) thick. Compared to other power banks, it is tiny.

For something so tiny, it can charge most phones to a full charge at least once.

Tiny but powerful Pixy Mini power bank at 5000 mAh

Who is it for

The Pixy Mini power bank is for anyone who uses their phones so much that they need to charge on the go. Modern smartphones generally can last us a day if you don’t keep the screen on all day long or run apps that use up a lot of processing power.

But since most of us are literally glued to our phones, that means we need to charge our phones at least once during the day.

Even if we’re not that addicted to our phones and manage to squeeze a day out of a full charge, we still have times when we need a power bank. When we travel, daily routines go out of whack, including our charging routines.

Tiny but powerful Pixy Mini power bank at 5000 mAh

What problems does it solve

We want bigger phones with larger screens, but we don’t want to carry around big power banks. Thankfully, industrial designers are able to take our unreasonable requests and turn them into reality. Just like how we kept shrinking mobile phones before smartphones came about and screens became important.

With bigger screens and more powerful processors, our phones are increasingly power hungry. Yet, we want our smartphones to become thinner. We don’t need all that extra battery built into the phone. We’ll happily carry power banks around to charge them. Just because.

So Pixy Mini power bank tries to solve a part of the problem by letting us charge our phones without being bulky.

Tiny but powerful Pixy Mini power bank at 5000 mAh

Is it innovative

I don’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings, but I don’t want to lie either. The truth is, I don’t think it’s innovative. You can beg to differ right away. Or hear me out first.

My argument can be summed up in three points:

  1. There are tons of mini portable and powerful power banks out there.
  2. There are tons of mini portable and powerful power banks out there.
  3. There are tons of mini portable and powerful power banks out there.

Need I say more?

Is it worth it

The Pixy Mini power bank retails at $35. Add-ons cost an additional of between $15 to $49. If I were to pay this much money for a power bank, I’d like it to be more powerful. My phone battery drains so fast in a day that 5,000mAh can hardly keep it charged throughout the day.

You can find 10,000 mAh power banks on Amazon going for around $20. That’s double the juice of the Pixy Mini power bank.

Yes, it may be super light and portable. But it’ll just be a tiny paperweight when it runs out of power. Should I buy a few and bring them with me? At that point, I’d be better off getting a power bank with a larger capacity. Wait, is that why my parents decided to have 3 kids? In case the first one (me) fails?

You already know my answer. But it’s not the product. It’s me!

It’s not you! It’s me!

Are there any alternatives

Power banks are commodities nowadays. There are so many options out there. Take your pick of the battery waste you want to dump a few years down the road. You might be thinking, if that’s the case, you should just get Pixy Mini since it’ll be a smaller waste.

I can’t argue with that. However, I prefer to get the bang for my buck.

What I’m looking for in a power bank is the power. I wouldn’t mind it not being the lightest or smallest as long as it could provide enough energy for me to offer to my battery hungry phone. I’m not a -est worshipper. I just worship my phone.

There are many power banks that are small enough, just not as small as Pixy Mini power bank. And in a world where we chase blindly after smaller is better, sometimes it makes more sense to go for small enough is good enough.


Product managers work day and night to develop new apps and games to get you hooked. Video creators do likewise to produce videos that get you hooked. We are addicted to our phones because our addiction to the dopamine releases these content trigger.

Phone batteries are going to keep playing catch up. Pixy Mini power bank’s 5,000 mAh might seem sufficient for now, but will probably not be as future proof as a 10,000 mAh or 20,000 mAh power bank.

Ultimately, the choice if yours. But I’ll share what my mom said when I told her I wanted to marry my boyfriend.

Choose what you want and bear with it.

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I’m a reindeer that identifies as a bear. I’m the Critical Bear that does standup comedy.


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