The Minimalist’s wall calendar 2022


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The Minimalist's wall calendar 2022

If every year was a Marvel character, 2021 would be the Flash. It came at us at an unstoppable speed. One moment, I was still thinking about how I should carry out my 2020 new year resolution before the year ended. The next moment, we’re in 2022.

It’s been a long ride since the pandemic took off. I lost track of everything. Calendars helped. They are the only way for me to keep up with time. Otherwise, I’d be confused thinking if I were lost in the Matrix. Virus? Aren’t we the virus?

Calendars are a great invention. We used to have traditional calendars at home. Every morning, my dad would rip off the previous page to welcome a new day. That was an important job. If not done in time, it would confuse the whole family. We were not too smart.

Internet was still in its infant stage, paper calendars are the most convenient way of knowing the dates. But now, we are in 2021, is paper calendar still a thing? Will a minimalist calendar make itself important in our digital daily lives?

Let’s see what the Minimalist’s Wall calendar 2022 has to say.

What is it

The Minimalist's wall calendar 2022

It’s a simple wall calendar 2022 that you can hang on the wall. You don’t have to flip pages. One page includes the whole year. I have this idea of marking each day in two different colors. Red for a fulfilling day and black for a day going by wasted. At the end of the year, you’ll be able to understand if you took good care of your time.

On the minimalist’s wall calendar, every week starts with Monday and ends with weekends so that you can visualize your week in a more direct way. They also marked the beginning dates of each month to give you a clearer visualization.

No more magnifying glasses are required for looking for the first day of a new month. Fantastic!

What problems does it solve

The Minimalist's wall calendar 2022

It doesn’t solve any big problems. Our world is still a mess and the climate continues to change. With the Minimalist’s wall calendar, what you can do is to have a clear visualization of the whole year and plan it out.

Unlike many other page-y calendars, the minimalist’s wall calendar saves your time on flipping pages every day or every week. Or every month.

Also, you can mark your birthday on the calendar starting the first day of the year to give your family or partner sufficient time to figure out what gifts they want to give you. Make the mark bright and bold! Just in case they missed it.

Who is it for

We live in a digital world where digital calendars are everywhere. You have it on your phone, your iPad, your PC, etc. But a small portion of people out there would prefer something that’s more physical. So that they can visualize the whole year.

The Minimalist’s wall calendar is for that small portion. Using it, you can plan vacations, birthdays, or anniversaries, make a colored Gantt chart, start bullet journaling, or count the days as they pass.

If you want to experience how fast time flies, this is for you too. Mark each day to see how many days are left in a year. Then you’ll feel chased by time.

The Minimalist's wall calendar 2022

Is it innovative

I wouldn’t say it’s innovative because wall calendars already exist. But compared to other calendars, the minimalist’s wall calendar made some improvements.

For most of the existing wall calendars out there, they start with Sunday and end with Saturday. It always annoys me because I want the weekends together to make my plans look more consistent.

The minimalist’s wall calendar solves this problem. And look-wise, this calendar is George Clooney level- simple but elegant. (personally, I think so.)

Clap GIF

Is it worth it

The estimated retail price is $65. Now you can get their Kickstarter special price of $59. If you are in the United States, you can even get your delivery before Christmas. It’s like what they say: nothing makes a better Christmas gift than a Minimalist’s wall calendar. Well, maybe a TryFun cloud can do the trick, too.

Since I’m a poor bear, the price is a bit higher than my expawctation (yeah I did something there). A calendar is not a necessity. I can do without it. And I can also get other calendars at a price that’s much lower. Keep in mind that the common price range is from $10-$20.

I don’t think it’s worth the money even though that I like it somehow.

Are there any alternatives

Yes, there are. MANY.

Digital calendars on your devices.

Pros: no extra expenses; convenient; coming with alarm function.

Cons: not physical.

Day calendars.

Reference: Woodgrain daily flip calendar.

Pros: you can write down your daily goals or activities; easy to keep track of your days.

Cons: need to flip every day; not super eco-friendly; can’t visualize your whole year.

Monthly ones.

Reference: House of Doolittle.

Pros: you can visualize a whole month.

Cons: you can’t visualize a whole year.

Yearly ones.

Reference: Lushleaf Designs wall calendar.

Pros: you can visualize a whole year and plan it out; look good on your wall.

Cons: not much space for each day’s detailed goals and schedules.

One way or another meme


To include a whole year in one calendar is not enough. Sometimes I wish there to be a calendar that can include my whole life. So that I can see where I am and how long I have left to waste away.

A year is like in a blink of an eye. 2021 on the other hand is like a dream. When in the future my grandkids ask me what happened this year, I may never recall anything. The closed borders, long time staying at home, working from home, etc. All sound unimaginable.

Oh, Facebook renamed itself to Meta, which is how I’ll remember 2021.

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