Tasman Dutch oven and grill recycled cast iron Crowd Cookware


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Tasman Dutch oven and grill made from recycled cast iron by Crowd Cookware

Caring for the environment means reducing the waste we create and recycle more things. In an age of rapid consumption, we need to find effective ways of reducing waste. After all, if anything happens to Earth, you won’t be able to get to Mars since you’re not Elon Musk or Jeff Bezos.

I’ve written about Kickstarter campaigns for reusable bottles, reusable menstrual pads, planters made from recycled plastic, and eco-friendly notebooks. They are like grass on the other side: greener. In this article, we’ll look at yet another environment-friendly Kickstarter campaign. Tasman Dutch oven and grill is a cast iron cookware made of recycled materials.

I might look like a splendid cook on Instagram, but the truth is, I know how to boil water and toss spaghetti in. Oh, and that I take nice photos of the spaghetti. Good-looking kitchenware ups my Instagram game. But cookware that looks good and is environment-friendly ups my Instagram hashtag game. #livegreen, #globalwarmingisreal.

Whether you’re an Instagram cook or a real cook, the Tasman is worth a look if you enjoy being in the kitchen. Read on!

What is it

Tasman is a Dutch oven and grill by Crowd Cookware. The team behind Crowd Cookware has created five successful Kickstarter campaigns. They have made knives, pots, and skillets. They make products that cooking enthusiasts want and love.

With the Tasman Dutch oven, Crowd Cookware wants to make a cast iron Dutch oven and grill without using a single piece of iron. They use recycled cast iron instead.

Cast iron cookware has been around for almost a thousand years and its benefits is well-known and loved people who love cooking. A well-seasoned cast iron cookware is sheer pleasure to use. The natural stick-resistant characteristics makes it easy to clean. It also retains heat well and provides a more even heating when used right.

If you take care of your cast iron cookware, it lasts forever. You can turn it into a family heirloom and pass it down for generations.

Of course, they can’t just stop at making a product from recycled materials. Cast iron pots, also known as the Dutch oven or casseroles, usually have lids with a knob handle. The Tasman ditches the knob because its lid also functions as a grill. Flip it upside down and you can use it as a cast iron grill. Perfect for when you want to cook something in the pot and grill, just not at the same time. Unless you want to cook without the lid on.

I love grilling and now I can finally change my pick-up line from “wanna come up for coffee” to “wanna come up to grill?” #GrillandChill

Tasman Dutch oven and grill recycled cast iron Crowd Cookware

What problem does it solve

The Tasman Dutch oven and grill wants to help reduce waste by using recycled metal from scrapped cars. When it comes to doing out part for the environment, every step counts.

It also cuts down the kitchen clutter by turning the Dutch oven’s lid into a grill. Instead of having to keep a cast iron Dutch oven and cast iron grill in the kitchen, you can just use the Tasman and have both.

That is, if you don’t cook and grill stuff in the same meal. Well, if you are a well-organised cook, you might be able to cook with the Dutch Oven and use the lid as a grill in one cooking session. My friend suggested using an iPad but we’re not friends anymore.

Tasman Dutch oven and grill recycled cast iron Crowd Cookware

Who is it for

Tasman Dutch oven and grill is for people who enjoy cooking and want to do their part for the environment. Anyone who takes their cooking seriously would have at least a cast iron Dutch oven and skillet in their kitchen. Sometimes they might even be passed down from their parents or even grandparents.

You can get a Tasman and tell your kids and grandchildren that you did your part in getting rid of a part of a scrapped car. Who needs a Le Creuset or Lodge when you can save the Earth with your Tasman?

That said, some of my enthusiasm for the Tasman vaporised when I realised that it is an enamelled cast iron Dutch oven. This means an enamel glaze is applied on the surface to prevent rusting. This is great for first time cast iron owners or those who are lazy to season their cast iron cookware.

I personally prefer bare cast iron cookware. Seasoning your cast iron cookware might seem daunting at first, but it is pretty easy. You can always bake off the seasoned coating layer and start afresh. Just make sure you keep it well seasoned or it might start rusting.

The Tasman has two colors: red and black, which are both colors for social media. But I prefer black more because it echoes with my soul professional style.

Christmas is coming. This would make a great gift for your family or partners. One thing to note is that this is a Kickstarter campaign. They wouldn’t be able to receive the actual product until after Christmas.

You’re welcomed meme

Is it innovative

Let’s be honest here and admit that there’s nothing innovative about the Tasman Dutch oven and grill. Cast iron cookware has been around since the fifth century, and modern cast iron cookware since 1800s.

There are many cast iron Dutch ovens with grill lids in the market too. You just need to search for cast iron Dutch ovens with skillet lids on Amazon.

While it might not be innovative as Tesla or your partner’s excuses, it has values that I humbly believe we should applaud and support.

How many businesses out there are thinking of ways to get rid of the waste lying around polluting the environment?

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Is it worth it

Absolutely. Regular readers will be surprised. I rarely agree so readily when it comes to pricing.

The Tasman Dutch oven and grill is going at a discount during their Kickstarter campaign for €99 (~ $116) with a traditional lid and €129 (~ $151) with a grill lid. Expect the prices to go up by 30% to 35% after the campaign.

This is a very reasonable price. Cast iron Dutch ovens with skillet lids retail between $40 to $500 on Amazon. Bear in mind that enamelled ones tend to cost more than bare cast iron.

The Tasman sits at a very comfortable pricing in the market. However, I do have a gripe.

The creators had to point out that the competition doesn’t come with an expensive grill that would cost $99 bought separately. That is an incorrect claim. You don’t need to pay that much to get a cast iron Dutch oven and a cast iron grill.

For example, the Lodge 6 quart cast iron Dutch Oven with grill lid costs $79.94 on Amazon. Granted, it is a little smaller than the 7 quart Tasman and comes with bare cast iron. The claim Crowd Cookware made is a little misleading.

Tasman cast iron Dutch oven comes with a grill lid


My mom told me that cooking is a way to show respect to life. I hardly agreed with her but the older I get, I start to understand what she was trying to tell me. Dining out costs a lot, and my monetary status, requires me to show respect to life.

I have a small kitchen where I cook my food, or what my mom calls “is that edible?” I’ve been looking for good cookware to decorate it, too. For the occasional Instagram photo op. The Tasman fulfils my cookware fantasy.

Want to cook greens in a green way? How about we start with the Tasman made from recycled materials?

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