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The world’s first, professional grade, digital tape measure enables tradespeople, across industries, to collect measurements faster and more accurately than ever before. A live view, OLED display, shows measurements of the tape measure, digitally, in both english and metric units. With a click of a button, measurements are saved to a side mounted e-paper display.

It is always a joy to see products that put usability and practicality first. The T1 Tomahawk looks like a tool that would be well worth a space in your toolbox if you need a tape measure for your work. It definitely would be a great gift for dads.

What are the alternatives?

Digital tape measures are nothing new. You can find many options below $50 on Amazon. The T1 Tomahawk costs $229 on Kickstarter and will retail at $259. That is a very reasonable pricing and discount structure during crowdfunding.

So you have to ask yourself if all the extra features that T1 Tomahawk brings would help you a lot at work, or if you won’t even need them at all. Is it really worth paying 4 to 5 times more for it?

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