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Packing lunch has its perks. It’s cheap, nutritious, and knowing exactly what’s in your food is that much more appealing. Say no to fast food and unhealthy lunches — quickly prepare your meals at home and eat healthy on the go!

Introducing SunnySide

A Revolutionary Smart Take on the Traditional Lunchbox

The one-of-its-kind solar-powered self heating lunch box that makes lunchtime your favorite time of the day. The built-in thermometer paired with the sensor app lets you control the temperature of the lunchbox keeping your meal fresh, healthy and satisfying all at the same time. Not only does this solar powered lunch box keep your tasty goodies fresh for 20 hours but it also heats your food in minutes whenever required using its innovative induction heating technology.

For those of us who prepare our meals at home to consume at work or when we are out, SunnySide lunch box promises to keep our packed food fresh and heat it when we want. Judging from over 2,000 people who backed the campaign, it is safe to say that there is some demand for such a product in the market.

Is it innovative?

There are many electric lunch boxes on Amazon selling for a fraction of the price of SunnySide. They just don’t have a solar panel for charging and they don’t provide cooling.

SunnySide comes with cooling elements and built-in fans to provide cooling. However, we know that such cooling technology aren’t very reliable, see QOOLA.

Why would you need a solar panel to charge if you’re just bringing it to work? It only make sense if you’re going to be out hiking. And even then, you’ll probably have to hold it in your hand while you hike like the actor in the campaign video.

SunnySide solar charging

It comes with a built-in 10,000 may powerbank that keeps your food fresh for up to 20 hours and heated up to seven times. That has more than enough power on the go. It only takes 2 hours to charge the powerbank. Solar charging would take a lot longer, and is more of “an energy booster” to quote SunnySide.

We suspect it would be something that you might think it would be good to have but end up not being efficient enough to be of much use. Let’s see how it performs if the product end up in the hands of the Kickstarter backers. Yes, if.

Creator ghosting

The team seems to have problems communicating with backers. They have been saying that they will send out the campaign surveys for at least three weeks, but backers are left waiting and asking for updates in the Kickstarter comments section.

This has raised concern among backers that this is turning out to be a scam campaign.

I have to say, I’m surprised. They made it sound like they have the expertise and manpower to get a campaign done right. Check out what they say:

SunnySide is designed and fully managed by TCF (The Crowdfunding Formula), a leading, award-winning crowdfunding marketing agency. We team up and help companies to build global brands.

With the largest team and the largest crowdfunding ecosystem on the market, TCF offers a wide range of crowdfunding services.

This is while they are actively trying to get backers to buy the lunch box on their Indiegogo campaign. Priorities.

Background check

The campaign creator on Kickstarter is Suren Abraamyan. This name does not show up in SunnySide’s team introduction on the campaign page.

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We are also unable to find any trademarks or patents registered by for the brand SunnySide. If it is an innovative product by a team that truly believes in their creation, then they should have done the necessary to protect their intellectual property.

Perhaps they have done the application that escaped our research. They claim to help companies build brands and manage the products from concept to market validation. They should have done the paperwork. Maybe we missed it.

However, if it is indeed missing, then there is a very high chance that this is a scam.


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  1. Linwood Foster III Avatar
    Linwood Foster III

    I wish I had seen this article a year ago. It turns out this was indeed a scam.

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