Seinxon card finder’s misleading claims


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Seinxon card finder’s misleading claims

We came across the Seinxon card finder that has raised over USD 100,000 so far with misleading claims. We reviewed the LaView GPS tracker before that is turning out to be a scam.


100% Brand Guaranteed
Seinxon promises 100% on-time delivery, and we can

  • The shipping process will begin in Jan 2023
  • We chose Kickstarter as the first station because of you!

Time to End Bad Experience
Want to end lost your things/pets/money, etc?

  • Having lost what matters is a painful experience. How many more times are you going to go through it?
  • On top of that, the average person loses 3,000 items each year in the US. And In 2021, Pixie data shows that lost products cost more than $2.5 billion to replace. More than twice a week, nearly 1/4 of Americans lose house keys, wallets, pets, phones, glasses, headphones, remotes, suitcases, or children’s favorite items. 

Sorry to put you through that horrid copywriting. We just had to share it and you will soon see why.

Not the first card finder

The campaign title “Seinxon: The 1st APPLE GPS Finder(CARD)” is already making a false claim. The poor English resulted in them calling it the “number first” Apple GPS finder, and then adds a “(CARD)” to indicate that they are supposedly laying claim only to the card finder.

There are many card finders in the market such as the Safedome’s SD Mini, Chipolo’s CARD, Innway’s Card, Tile’s Slim, and Pebblebee’s Card. So the Seinxon card finder is definitely not the first in the market. These have been available for a few years.

Not a GPS finder

Maybe it is trying to say that it’s the first Find My card finder? Since it claims to be an Apple GPS finder. Is it a GPS finder?

Once you understand how the product works, you’ll realise that it is not a GPS finder at all. It uses Bluetooth to tap on Apple’s Find My network. This means it connects to your Apple devices and uses them to send the GPS location to the Find My network.

The product itself doesn’t not come with any GPS module. GPS finders or trackers work differently. They come with GPS built-in and are able to constantly send you its current location.

GPS finders require a GPS module and an internet connection to work. They usually have a built-in mobile SIM to send you the updated location data. This means they have much shorter batter lives and require more frequent charging compared to Bluetooth finders.

Due to the GPS module, data subscription, and larger battery, GPS finders are usually several time more expensive than Bluetooth finders.

The Seinxon card finder is a Bluetooth finder, not a GPS finder as it tries to mislead you to think.

Not the first Find My card finder

Maybe Seinxon is trying to say that it is the first card finder that uses the Find My network? That would be a false claim too.

The Chipolo CARD released in January 2022 is the first card finder to support the Find My network.

Misleading guarantee

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Seinxon’s campaign page says “100% brand guaranteed (sic)”, only to clarify in smaller print that it promises 100% on-time delivery. It is a promise on delivery rather than the product quality or functioning as advertised.

Trying to mislead users who would just glance through the headings is a big red flag for us. The next claim explains why

Claims to end losing things

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The next claim it makes is that it would bring and end to you losing things. As marketers, we know that this is a big no-no. You can’t claim that you would bring an end to things being lost.

A product can only help you to prevent the likelihood of you losing your things. Making such a bold claim shows that Seinxon is other misleading consumers, over-promising, or is just plain inexperienced and incompetent at copywriting.

Claims to work with Apple

Seinxon claims that it cooperates with Apple and is recognised by Apple as a reliable company. This is yet another misleading claim.

It is precise because of our long-standing technical foundation, strong supply chain, and chip production technology that we can be recognized and cooperated by APPLE® (As you know, APPLE® has always cooperated with well-known and reliable companies, such as HERMES®, etc.) — has to say that the APPLE® official certification requirements are so strict!

APPLE® will refuse to cooperate if the submitted information is fraudulent or incomplete.

In just one year (2021-2022), we have held more than 30 meetings with APPLE® TEAM to evaluate the product and discuss other details, we did it, and this is also the guarantee of the quality of our products – so we are worthy of you trust! Worthy of the user’s trust!

This would fool most layman users. Not us.

We work with products and also Apple integration. The Find My integration is done through Apple’s MFi Program. Manufacturers just need to enroll for the program to become an authorised MFi manufacturer.

As you can see, there are 386 authorised manufacturers listed by Apple. However, we are unable to find Seinxon or Ofive Limited on the list. Seinxon most likely licensed the MFi from one of the authorised MFi Licensees to manufacture the Seinxon card finder.

If this is the case, it really makes their claim of having over 30 meetings with Apple to be utterly false.

Fake review?

The Kickstarter campaign page features a review by a certain Rob. We thought the voice sounds familiar to another video we saw before also by a Rob from the MagHolder campaign that turned out to be a scam.

Given how MagHolder ghosted after funding their campaign, it would be a massive red flag if Seinxon is run by the same team.

We’ll put the links to the two video below for you to check and decide whether it’s possibly the same guy or team behind these campaigns.

Background check

Seinxon’s Facebook page was created on September 30, 2022, just a month before its campaign launch. The page transparency shows that it is managed by people from China and Cambodia, surprising given that Seinxon claims to be a US company.

The Seinxon brand is registered in the US by an individual Canjiang Wang from Luoding, China.

The FCC ID of the Seinxon card finder is registered by OFIVE Limited for Seinxon. OFIVE Limited looks like a shell company registered in Albany, New York. There are many companies registered under this same address.

The Kickstarter campaign is also launched with its location as New York, possibly through this company. The campaign lists Lianzhi Du as its creator.

Seinxon’s press release lists Mandy, conveniently without a last name, as the founder and CEO. The campaign page presents the team using Memojis and generic names without last names. This lack of transparency is yet another red flag.

Avoiding questions

The creator directs backers asking for more information to join their VIP group on Facebook instead of answering the questions openly on the comments page. This lack of transparency is yet another red flag.

Relation to Pecron?

The group also refers to the product as Pecron instead Seinxon in the description. This leads us to believe that the creator most likely copied and pasted the description and forgot to change the product name.

We found Pecron’s Facebook group and the description is the same, word for word, except for the tweak in product name.

Pecron makers charging stations and ran an Indiegogo campaign last year that failed to reach its funding goal. A quick look at the comments section shows complaints by people who received the Pecron products that failed to work as advertised.

Although the red flag of a poor product is attributed to Pecron, we cannot be sure that Pedro and Seinxon are run by the same team. They could be engaging the same marketing or copywriting team. If they are, then they really should be getting their money back!


There are so many red flags for this campaign that it would be a rather resounding yes!

However, the creator is able to show that the Seinxon card finder is already being manufactured, with FCC and BQB certifications registered. So, there is a chance that the product might see daylight.

That said, we urge you to consider other options available in the market.

Consider the alternatives

The Seinxon card finder is nothing innovative. As we mentioned before, there are many options available in the market from brands like Safedome, Chipolo, Innway, Tile, and Pebblebee.

Among these, the Chipolo CARD comes with Find My support, if this is what you’re looking for. We highly recommend going with an existing brand with proven track record and app stability when it comes to a Bluetooth finder. There are many points of failure for such a product that a new brand would struggle to deal with.

Seinxon card finder video


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