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There are endless outdoor activities that are ideal for summer but not when it’s extremely hot or humid. Intense heat may exhaust you and threaten your own health as it can lead to heatstroke.

Let’s be honest. At one point or another we’ve owned some sort of portable fan or cooling device. Chances are it’s either broken or simply wasn’t powerful enough to keep you cool during a hot summer day, that’s why we developed QOOLA.

It wasn’t too long ago when we reviewed the Metaura Pro wearable air-conditioner. That is still looking more and more like a scam by the day. QOOLA looks just like Metaura Pro except it comes with an additional ion purifier.

This seems like a case of plastering more features to a nonexistent product to run another crowdfunding scam campaign.

Background check

The company behind QOOLA is Hycier. Their Facebook page was renamed from ZERA. There is an Indiegogo campaign for ZERA and you can see the product page for ZERA on their website as well. From the comments, we can see that they seem to be struggling to fulfil the orders for the Indiegogo campaign.

They claim that they have sent out the first batch and will be shipping the second batch of the products soon, but so far there seem to be no backers who received the product.

They use some generic names under the photos of their supposed team members. There is no disclosure of their company name at all. We were also unable to find any brand trademark registration for Hycier, QOOLA, or ZERA. This makes the company seem very suspicious.

The fact that they avoided mentioning ZERA on the QOOLA campaign page is also a cause of concern. Why keep the campaigns separate if they are a legit company capable of delivering both products?

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