Pupsule handsfree dog poop scooper keeps your hands clean


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Pupsule dog poop scooper

If you have a kid or a fur kid, you’d understand the pain of having to clean up their shit. The good news is, you can potty train them both. The bad news is, you still have to pick up your dog’s poop even though they’ve learnt to go outdoors.

I love my dog but I cringe every time I have to pick up his poop when we go for a walk. The familiar pungent stink aside, how can anyone get used handling the soft and warm poop? I mean, even with a layer of plastic bag between the poop and my hand, I still find it quite gross.

Given my disgust for this task my dog gives me daily, I’ve tried poop scoopers but they work so badly that I still go back to using my hands. Pupsule is a very well thought product and I was inspired to write about it after seeing the Kickstarter campaign.

What is it

Pupsule is a portable dog poop scooper that lets you pick up your dog’s poop without coming into contact with the poop. It uses a smart claw design to make picking up poop a breeze. The creators also made the product with a built-in bag dispenser. Not only can you pick up poop easily, but you can also pick up multiple poops without any hassle!  

After picking up your dog’s poop, you can seal it to prevent leakage and contain the smell of that stinky poop. 

With Pupsule’s thoughtful claw design lets you perform a 360-degree clean up to ensure that you’ll get all of that poop. Pupsule can capture dog poop from every surface, so you don’ t need to worry where your dog decides to release itself.

Pupsule poop picking

Who is it for

Pupsule makes a great companion for every dog owner, unless you’re lucky and have a dog that doesn’t poop. It lets you pick up your dog poop in the most effective and least disgusting way.

If you have a small dog, you might not realise that the size of this problem grows with the size of the dog. People with large dog breeds have larger piles of shit to deal with. Literally. You might be able to get away with hand picking poop for smaller dogs, but it is quite an undertaking when you’re dealing with a big dog.

Pupsule is an extension of your arm

Is it innovative

I have to say, Pupsule has certainly been an eye-opener. Kudos to the product designer for coming up with such a simple and easy solution to such a dirty problem.

Poop scoopers are nothing new. There are many poop scoopers in the market, but their designs seem to be created by people without poop-picking experience. Instead of the usual shapes poop scoopers resort to, Pupsule uses an innovative claw design.

It seems like a robot claw and it functions like an extension of your hand. This gives you greater control and makes the task a little more fun. It somehow conjures the image of the claw machine from a UFO catcher in my mind.

The claw claims to provide a full 360-degree pickup area. This makes it more efficient in picking up poop compared to the other scoopers in the market that uses a jaw.

Pupsule provides a 360-degree pickup range

Is it worth it

Pupsule retails at $80, but it is going for $49 on Kickstarter right now.

This might seem a little pricey given than dog poop scoopers sell for below $20 on Amazon. However, bear in mind that Pupsule comes with 200 bags as well. These cost around $20 on Amazon. So, Pupsule is worth it if you get it during the Kickstarter.

What are the alternatives

The alternative is to use your hands and plastic bags of course! Jokes aside, the most commonly-used poop scooper is a jaw scooper.

Pupsule compares its advantages over these two above mentioned options in the table below.

Pupsule compared with its competitors

Honestly, I’m not too impressed by this table. The only real feature that makes Pupsule stand out is the built-in dispenser. The other features it has that other solutions lack are very subjective and hard to define when there isn’t a particular product to compare with.

Dog poop scooper from good brands would also have the features from No Smell all the way to Premium Materials, minus the built-in bag dispenser.

I’m also not so sure about Pupsule being suitable for any dog size. The product looks small in the video and photos. I guess this can only be answered once people start to use them.


I love the design of Pupsule. The creators put in a lot of thought to the product development. However, as much as I like the product, I still think it doesn’t stand out compared to traditional dog poop scoopers.

Of course, I’d probably have to use it before I can come to a conclusion on the usage experience. In any case, it is still a good value for money during the Kickstarter campaign, so don’t miss out if you’re in the market for a dog poop scooper.

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