PICHI X2 titanium EDC pocket multi tool


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PICHI X2 titanium EDC pocket multi-tool

Guys are really into EDC pocket multi tools, but there are girl bears like me who appreciate a good EDC as well. I don’t use them a lot but they make good gifts for my dad and boyfriend(s). The titanium EDC multi-tool ring I wrote about was perfect for them. Like Beyonce said, if you like it you should put a ring on it.

Anyway, I found something that’s similar but not exactly the same (of course not. Everything in this world is unique, I heard.) PICHI X2 is a titanium EDC pocket multi-tool.

PICHI X2 titanium EDC pocket multi-tool

I was first attracted by its shape – doesn’t it look like a dinosaur’s head from a certain angle? Then the titanium material tickled my interest since my dad once told me about how amazing this material was (I never understood but I remembered!).

Now, let’s dig a bit deeper to see what this is really about.

What is it

PICHI X2 titanium EDC pocket multi-tool

PICHI X2 is an EDC pocket multi tool where it has sharp blades, wrenches, screwdrivers, crowbars, and bottle openers. These are said to be the most sought-after functions for a true EDC user. Indeed. I would, as a not-so-frequent user, fancy some of the functions, too.

This product is made from grade 5 titanium. Titanium has a high strength-to-weight ratio and is corrosion- and heat-resistant. To put it in an easier language – titanium is hard and not heavy. This PICHI X2 weighs 44 grams only.

PICHI X2 titanium EDC pocket multi-tool

Its wrench head can match over 20 bolts. Super adjustable. And the whole piece comes with a leather holster in which you can put your PICHI X2. So it goes well with your other EDC accessories. Fancy and all. It can also prevent the tool from causing accidental problems.

PICHI X2 titanium EDC pocket multi-tool

What problems does it solve

It’s an EDC pocket multi tool that solves two main problems:

  1. Normal tools are too big to carry around.
  2. Single EDC tools means you’d have to bring quite a few with you. That is not convenient.

PICHI X2 also worked on its design and material to make it compact but light in weight and small in size. It being corrosion resistant tackles the problem where normal tools might get rusty over time.

And oh, it can also solve my dad’s anxiety over “who moved my tool” problem I talked about in the Tool Ring article. I believe that keeping this with him would help me a lot – he won’t wrong me for having moved his stuff anymore.

Who is it for

First, it’s for my dad. Second, it can be for every EDC tool lover. Definitely not for kids or those who have no idea how to operate a tool properly. Or serial killers – they might use it for other purposes.

I think it’s also good for girls like me who live by themselves. We need simple tools to fix things around the place every now and then. But we don’t really want bulky ones to take up too much space in our messy cozy rooms.

And a tool guy is either not cheap or requires quality alone time. That’s why a pocket multi tool poses as a top choice. Open a bottle. Cut open your Amazon prime deliveries. Screw tight your desks while screwing your life. You can do quite a lot of things in the house without getting help from others.

Is it innovative

Probably. Maybe. Not really.

It might be a good product but the idea of an EDC pocket multi tool isn’t anything new. Even if it’s made from titanium. Remember the ring we mentioned? That is also a titanium EDC multi tool. The difference is mostly in their designs.

PICHI X2 is a compact small tool while the tool ring is in the shape of a ring. Which one suits you the best depends on how you like to use your tool. So, in this case, I wouldn’t give too much credit to them for being innovative.

PICHI X2 titanium EDC pocket multi-tool

Is it worth it

PICHI X2’s MSRP is $139 CAD (around US$110). During their Kickstarter period, you can get 10% to 33% percent off. Ok, now to think of it, It’s a bit over my budget.

The titanium ring set I mentioned (yeah I know, a few times) costs US$79, which is much cheaper and more within my budget. I personally won’t spend this much on a multi-tool but my dad probably would.

I didn’t answer the question? I did!

Any alternatives

Yes. The ring (I really don’t want to mention it too many times). Or other multi-tools in the market. For example, this LB4LB Ultralight Titanium multi tool can do 8 tricks and is priced at $39.95. Or this Gerber Gear multi tool keychain. It’s only $25.

Or simply go to your ‘tool guys’ for help every time. Alternatives to me mean more about choices. What matters the most to you and what are your criteria. We give suggestions. You make decisions.

Carabiner multi-tool
Gerber Gear multi-tool
Gerber Gear


An EDC pocket multi tool is useful and comes in handy. Well because of the small and dangerous pieces it always contains, remember to keep it SUPER away from your young kids. I’m not a big fan of those grumpy little creatures, but still, they deserve better.

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