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Living in the modern society, the development of media and smart phones are rapidly damaging the health of our eyes, resulting in deterioration of the eye sight. The increasing percentage of nearsightedness in teenagers and the decreasing percentage of average age affected by it is becoming a serious issue and a nationwide problem. Presbyopia is also occurring frequently among young adults regardless of age. What’s more, the modern society is taking the decaying of the eyesight as a matter of course and neglecting the problem.

We are spending most of our days staring at screens. In the past, we were told to watch less television and head outside more. Then people started staring at their computer screens more than they used to watched television as we moved into the digital and the internet age. Nowadays, we spend most of our days looking at our phones and tablets.

Notice how the screen keeps moving closer to our eyes as we progress. It is inevitable that more people need visual aids and start at a younger age.

It is great that a startup like EDENLUX is trying to bring innovation to solve this problem of eyesight deterioration. You might think that the Otus eye trainer is awkward and bulky. Well, that’s what you look like when you’re using a set of VR goggles, so you probably already look awkward.

What I like about the Otus is how they make use of existing VR goggle design to create their product. That said, it is also a potential red flag since it could be a case of them modifying an existing product to create a prototype that they won’t be able to deliver.

There are people commenting on Indiegogo that they received the product, so this seems to be a legit project.

Company out of business?

However, we noticed that the Indiegogo campaign states that Edenlux is from Cypress, United States. Our research on the company shows that Edenlux is from South Korea and is out of business. We hope it is just a case of them not updating their information.

We found other websites listing Edenlux Corp with the same address but this time the company still seems to still be operating. Interestingly, the Edenlux domain is up for sale.

Lack of clinical studies

I would love to see more reviews from people who received their Otus sets. As with all health-related devices, they should be doing more clinical studies to understand if there is a real benefit from using the device.

This is what EDENLUX claims:

Vision Therapy not only exercises your eyes, but also effectively engages your brain which controls your vision using personally customized lens, prism, and other equipment. Usually, without the expensive cost and an optometrist, it was impossible to train your eyes. However, through centuries of research and study, the Vision Therapy treatment, proven to be effective for children and adults, is being conducted to athletes, pilots, and soldiers.

They say Vision Therapy has gone through “centuries of research and study” yet none have been cited by them. Surely there are studies done with reliable findings for such an established treatment?

For USD 399, consumers should really know what we are getting for our money. Is it just a set of VR goggles that lets you play games on an app? Or does it actually train your eyes?

Where are the patents?

Apparently, EDENLUX has many patents for the technology they use in the Otus.

Acquired 33 global patents for technology about IoT based automatic vision training method

But we have yet to see any. How do they intend to convince consumers besides stating that they have the patents? We found six patent applications with two patents granted under EDENLUX Corporation. Where are the other 31?

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