OMLAMP origami folding paper lamp by ZBOLE


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OMLAMP origami folding paper lamp

Are you looking for a lamp that can not only light up your room but also lighten your mood? I am! So I went looking for lamps. But they all look so similar and boring. How could they possibly cheer me up?

Luckily for me, I found OMLAMP on Kickstarter.

What is it

OMLAMP is an origami folding paper lamp by ZBOLE. It reminds me of folding paper lanterns that you put candles in. OMLAMP is a modern take that uses a light bulb with adjustable brightness instead. It uses waterproof and tear-resistant Tyvek paper (I say it like it’s not the first time I’ve heard of the name). I’m glad they used paper that isn’t tearable. (Terrible joke, I know.)

What problem does it solve

I never thought it’s such a big problem, until I started to look for interesting lamps. You’d know what I’m saying if you’ve tried shopping for lamps. I get that lamps should generally be simple and function reliably. But what about people like me who want express my individuality through a lamp? Especially one with a design that is a good representation of my personality.

OMLAMP does just that, if an origami folding paper lamp is enough for you to express who you are. What’s more? It comes with some nice floral pattern on the paper. I don’t suggest painting the plain version. This is a lamp, remember? Your paint might just block the light from the bulb.

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Who is it for

Anyone who likes beautiful things. (I guess that’s everyone?) No one says no to pretty creations, at least not my ex-boyfriends. The lamp’s paper comes in plain or patterned style. So, you can choose to be flamboyant, or a little less so.

Is it innovative

Folding lamps are nothing new. The folding book lamp is a similar design that was the rage a few years back. In fact, OMLAMP’s creator ZBOLE sells them too. That said, OMLAMP is a fresh take at the folding lamp market. It is designed with a small footprint. It takes up less space whether it is open or closed. And it looks a lot more attractive than the book lamp.

There are many ways you can set up your OMLAMP to create different moods and help you relax. So, you don’t have to worry about beautiful things being useless.

OMLAMP origami folding paper lamp can be adjusted to different setups for different moods.

Is it worth it

OMLAMP is selling for $79. But if you are a super early bird for their project, you can get one lamp at $45. A great deal or what?! It seems like their Kickstarter project has been suspended.

Perhaps I’m a little biased because I’m enamoured by its creative design. Don’t get me wrong. I do enjoy boring lamps too. They have their places in the house, especially if they are smart lights. The OMLAMP is unfortunately not smart. Well, it doesn’t need to be smart if has the looks, right? That’s what my ex said.

Are there any alternatives

There are other paper lamps are available. Origami-inspired lamps are nothing new either. But how many of those are there lamps that aren’t boring? Aesthetics can be a little subjective, but I think we can agree that the OMLAMP put in quite a bit of thought in the product design as well as the designs of the patterns on the lamp.

Paper lamps on Amazon
Different ways to display OMLAMP to suit your mood


Despite all that I’ve written about OMLAMP, Kickstarter has unfortunately suspended the project when it almost reached the end of the campaign. This means you won’t be able to get your paws hands on this product, for now.

I did find it a little dodgy when the campaign video uses a Caucasian actor but gave a Chinese name and said he’s from a Shenzhen company. However, I did do some background research and ZBOLE has been around for a while and look like a legit company in all regards. So the suspension is probably due to some other reasons.

We have reached out to ZBOLE to find out what happened, and we’ll report back when we have more details.

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  1. […] is such a dodgy and unprofessional campaign description. Are we surprised? Not really. We wrote about OMLAMP last year. It was a memorable campaign video where a Caucasian actor introduces himself with a […]

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