NanoPen 02 durable mini EDC pen


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NanoPen durable mini EDC pen

I like to catch new ideas every time they pop up by writing them down. So, an mini EDC pen shows its significance. I saw NanoPen 02 on Kickstarter but I was not impressed. After all, I’ve had many mini EDC pens come and go in my life, probably because they are mini.

The good thing is I have a small paw. Most mini pens suit me in a great way. Who says small isn’t good? Sometimes, you want things to be Chunky to avoid awkward moments, other times, being small suffices.

Now, let’s have a look at this NanoPen 02 – an upgraded version of their previous NanoPen which was said to be the world’s smallest mini EDC pen. Will it be any different than what I experienced before?

What is it

NanoPen 02 mini EDC pen

First of all, it’s a pen designed for you to carry everywhere. With a minimal body, it is still durable. The refill projected durability is around 100 pages, which can help you lock quite a number of ideas if any at all.

NanoPen 02 has a safe|slice tool made from stainless steel. You can cut anything from boxes to plastics without worrying that it might hurt you by accident. This sure would work its charm during Black Friday when deliveries flood in.

How minimal is NanoPen 02? The below picture might give you an insight.

NanoPen 02 mini EDC pen

What problems does it solve

NanoPen 02 mini EDC pen

Have you ever encountered situations where you need a pen but couldn’t find any? And it seemed everyone around all agreed to have a ‘No-Pen Day’. I have. My solution was to have a pen in my bag just in case.

However, cases happen when I forgot to put a pen in. The normal pens are still not too ‘carryable’. Ok for my bags but a bit too big for my pocket. The lesson here is, compatibility matters more than sizes. 😉

NanoPen 02 is trying to tackle this problem like every other mini EDC pen. They allow you to have a pen whenever needed. Making one an add-on to your keychain should be a nice idea.

Who is it for

This is designed for those who have the need to use a pen when they are outside the office/home. It doesn’t matter if you have contracts to sign or ideas to catch, an EDC pen helps.

Well, the digital world is happening fast nowadays. Most of the time, you can try digital signing instead. it reduces the frequency of using a pen. In this case, one EDC pen will last even longer.

But it might not be too user-friendly if you have big paws hands. This won’t cause any big issues since an EDC pen is meant for ’emergency’ use.

NanoPen 02 mini EDC pen

Is it innovative

It looks good but it’s never an innovative piece.

We have many ready choices out there. You can find a simple plastic one or a titanium well-designed one. To me, it feels like the original NanoPen had a better selling point for being the world’s smallest EDC pen tool. The superlative degree always catches people’s attention.

But NanoPen 02 is not that small anymore. The redesigning didn’t seem to have given this pen much advantage, either. And no big breakthrough in its technology.

Meme No

Is it worth it

Well, the price is ok as of now. Two NanoPen 02 would cost $30. Considering its long-lasting durability, it might be worth the price. But as shown in the comment section of their original NanoPen project, one problem I noticed was about its ink.

NanoPen 02 mini EDC pen comments

This worries me a bit. If it doesn’t work when I’m trying to use it, I don’t think I’d have a lighter to warm it up first. It’s either I start smoking now or think twice about this.

I personally won’t spend on it now. It doesn’t excite me that much and I’d prefer a ready product that functions the same.

Are there any alternatives

Yes, there are.

You can try my old method of carrying a normal-sized pen around. Not always convenient but doable. Or you can find your alternatives online. For example, this titanium EDC pen under the brand Timulti works just fine. And it’s shorter than NanoPen 02.

I like this Ekloen brass EDC pen‘s design. It has a unique retro charm. The ‘old but gold’ vibe.


I appreciate people chasing their dreams or helping others to achieve their dreams on Kickstarter. But as the platform matures, problems show. You can see more scams or not-so-innovative projects.

I sometimes question if the problem is mine because the projects I don’t fancy have hundreds of or even thousands of backers. But then I realize everyone has their own judgment. Just tread carefully in this deep ocean, alright?

Save money. Save the earth. Ciao.

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