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No need for a terrace or rooftop. Multo fits perfectly into your home, large or small, and is fully adjustable according to your needs and use. 

We wanted everyone to be able to adopt a Multo at home, whatever the size of their home. That’s why we have created 4 versions of Multo, from the smallest to the biggest!

Prêt à Pousser has created two home garden Kickstarter campaigns. The Parisian startup is back with MULTO, modular home farm.

An elegant and sober design to match your decor

Multo appears as a piece of furniture with an airy and cosy style with its soft timeless shapes and natural materials, which shows the plants on an illuminated pedestal.

With its Scandinavian design, its light beech wood uprights and its soft curves, Multo is an elegant and pure object, which fits perfectly into your interior. The grey color of its containers makes the most of the green plants they contain.

Growing up, I always imagined being able to get fresh food right in our homes and kitchen. Not the silly machines that magically synthesises food, but to have an actual self-replenishing source of food right in the home.

We seem to be moving in that direction with products like Nokus Canvas and ELIoT. But they are more of smart devices to grow plants for decoration. MULTO wants to be the personal farm that brings you fresh vegetables in your home.

My grandma grew some vegetables in the yard as a hobby. My mum does that too. It is a very rewarding process, but it is a challenge to get the vegetables to grow well. And even more so when using hydroponics where a soilless environment makes the process even trickier. MULTO wants to solve the problem with liquid nutrients.

New liquid nutrient : The challenge in soilless culture is also in the area of nutrients, i.e. the food of the plants. If in traditional soil-based cultivation, plants are fed directly in the soil thanks to the nutrients and minerals naturally present in the soil, this is not the case for hydroponics. This is why we have selected a solution of liquid nutrients that dilutes perfectly in water and will be distributed in an optimal way in the whole tank in order to feed all the plants, via the roots. Multo’s liquid nutrients provide elements that can be directly assimilated by the roots: pure mineral salts such as iron, manganese and phosphorus.

The regular supply of nutrients in liquid form makes it possible to maintain a nutrient solution of constant quality (better than a supply of fertilizer in solid form).

MULTO claims to give improved yields to the vegetables. Definitely looking forward to see if it delivers what it promises. After the many dodgy Kickstarter campaigns we have seen recently, we are delight to find an innovative project that is worth supporting and telling friends about.

What are the alternatives?

There are other indoor farm products in the market. However, MULTO differentiates itself from the competition with its modular pods system. This makes it easy to replace the plants after you harvest them for your meals.

Besides, none of them come with MULTO’s minimalist design that would fit right right into any home interiors.
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