LensHD the HD lens-cleaner for your glasses


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LensHD automated lens-cleaner for your glasses

With modern technological advancements, gone are the days where we do tasks manually. No, I don’t just mean the manual labour like those at construction sites. I refer to the simplest of tasks like brushing your teeth or cleaning the lens of your glasses.

Electric toothbrushes aren’t new. Likewise for electric lens cleaners, but they are a lot less common. Meet LensHD.

It falls under the category of products that claims to clean better while having you do less. These products bring a (debatably) better quality of life, but are they really improving our lives? Or do they just complicate things.

What is it

The product’s name is self-explanatory. It keeps your lenses in HD mode. Basically, you can think of it as an automated lens cleaner for your glasses. Fantastic engineering that goes into creating this device, but do you really need the technology it boasts of though?

Laziness is the father of invention.

As the saying goes, necessity is the mother of invention, and laziness is the father of innovation. People come up with creative solutions to some problems because they are plain lazy.

Impressive engineering of the LensHD lens cleaner

LensHD has a bulky design makes it less portable, especially for ladies who carry small bags and guys who don’t bother with bags. Unless you go out daily with you zombie apocalypse backpack, you’re not bringing this around.

Lads, I speak from experience. My girlfriend gets unbearably grouchy whenever I ask her to safe keep my items for a while…

Who should get LensHD

Let me put it this way, if your glasses are dirty and you don’t have a LensHD with sufficient power within your reach, chances are, you would’ve intuitively and cleaned it with your shirt or pants.

The odds of anyone using this product are just too low. Moreover, we rarely we clean our glasses (guilty confession: I cleaned my glasses just once last month…). Unless you’re a monster who grabs your glasses by the lenses, your glasses don’t get dirty that easily from everyday use.

The campaign image they used is too much of an exaggeration. Whoever uses their glasses to a state as dirty as the Before image definitely needs to have their eyes checked.

Before and after using LensHD

If cleaning glasses is your top priority, you don’t mind a big bulky device, and you can bear with the extra effort to cleaning and maintain the device, then you’ve found a gem in LensHD.

Is it innovative

In all honesty, I think it is a creative solution to the chore cleaning glasses. I’m sure if you have a pair of glasses, you would have worried that you scratch the lenses if you didn’t use the right cloth or applied too much pressure. At least for the first month of owning it anyway.

Quick steps to using LensHD

Lens HD definitely impressed me. However, after the ten seconds of amazement, I started wondering if such complexities are even beneficial. There is a fine line between creativity and practicality.

We are flooded with products that claim to solve certain pain points, but are these even real pain points or are the benefits actually luxury we don’t need. You can make a device to touch your nose, or one that reaches around the back of your neck just to touch your nose.

Is it worth it

This device costs a whopping $79 for their super early bird backers, suggesting that prices will increase in the future. Their propreitary replaceable cleaning wheelset comes in $10 for sets of 4. 

If you bit the bullet, congratulations! You just paid for an expensive product to clean your glasses, and gave yourself the added hassle of maintaining a device that you’d probably use less than 10 times in the next 6 months. 

Honey, I can get my glasses cleaned by a professional optometrist with a ultrasonic lens cleaner at the nearby spectacles shop for free. Speaking of this, I do have a recommendation for you, so stay tuned. In any case, I forsee myself not using the device enough to justify a purchase.

The additional work that goes into maintaining and bringing this device around far exceeds the benefits. You can manually clean your glasses in 10 seconds with your shirt. Unfortunately, it is a no from me.


What are the alternatives

There are plenty of alternatives out there in the market. Just search for “microfibre cloth for cleaning glasses” in your favourite search engine and you can easily get your lifetime supply (I kid you not) at an extremely cheap price.

Although it’s nothing fancy, sometimes you do not really need a complicated solution for such an easy task, don’t you agree? In fact, if they sell just the sponge used in LensHD, I can clean my glasses manually. I can even fit it in my pocket!

LensHD sponge

Alternatively, you can consider an ultrasonic multi-purpose cleaner in our Critical Shop or on Amazon. It comes with more function at a more affordable price. Not only does it clean lenses, but it also cleans a variety of other things such as jewelleries, toothbrushes, and razor blades making this product more bang for the buck!

Update: September 2022

A year later, LensCleaner has yet to deliver the LensHD and the campaign has been deactivated by Kickstarter. We posted a follow-up to look at the situation of a possible scam campaign.

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