Lawna mower suspended by Kickstarter


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Lawna smart lawn mower

We looked at Lawna mower previously and there were so many red flags that we are pretty sure it’s a scam. Kickstarter has suspended the campaign earlier this month.

While its great that Kickstarter protected backers from a potential scam, the project cancellation means that all the comments by backers are no longer visible on the comment page.

This hides information and communication that would be useful for backers to avoid another scam, especially one by the same scammers.

No follow up by other “news” outlets

I would like to point out how most other sites that reported about Lawna did not even raise the possibility that it is a scam.

We understand that they just want content to bring in traffic. I bet some of them didn’t even take a good look at the campaign and just rephrased what they read from the campaign page.

Furthermore, they also don’t follow up when a campaign has been suspended for potential fraud. This is lazy and irresponsible “journalism”.

Of course, not everyone are as critical and resourceful as us Bears when it comes to spotting red flags and scams. We get that.

This is why we welcome and urge other sites that report on Kickstarter campaigns to follow us to be informed of potential scams and stay updated when campaigns end up suspended.

Some of the articles we came across:


2 responses to “Lawna mower suspended by Kickstarter”

  1. Rob Avatar

    Great work, Bears.
    I backed out of the campaign after a couple of months just based on a hunch – absolutely no evidence to go on, and it was just pure luck.
    Your team does a solid job of reporting the back story as well as the updates and you now have a reader for life

    1. Takeshi Avatar

      Thanks Rob. We believe more should be done to help backers make informed decisions, especially when what we dig out are publicly-available information that Kickstarter and Indiegogo should verify before approving a campaign.

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