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With so many similar products out in the market, is the KAVVO teeth whitening kit innovative or is it a scam?


No one wants yellow teeth. Unfortunately, millions of people live with the residual stains and evidence of daily living. From tea and coffee consumption to smoking, there’s no shortage of culprits behind tainted teeth.

And KAVVO Shell helps you whiten your teeth quickly and inexpensively for a brighter smile.

Each KAVVO Shell comes equipped with 16PCS of blue light, coupled with 8PCS of red light. The device uses a 450-475 wavelength of blue light to an dsafely decompose even the most stubborn of teeth stains. With the 615-630 wavelength of red light, it can reduce gum sensitivity.

Teeth whitening devices are nothing new. They have been around for years and the key differentiating factor of the KAVVO teeth whitening kit is the UV sterilisation function.

Is it innovative? Given that the product itself uses LED light to whiten the teeth, it is basically just turning itself on while it is in the case to kill germs on it.

I’m not sure about you, but if I were to use something that I would need to shove into my mouth, I would wash it first.

More is better?

The other factor KAVVO highlights is that it has 24 LED lights compared to 5 and 8 LED lights that its competitors use. Is this a case of stuffing in bigger numbers to wow consumers without any scientific backing?

It might very well be. There are no accompanying studies to prove that having more LED lights results an improved whitening process.

Background check

The KAVVO brand is owned by Shenzhen KAVVO Technology Co, Ltd. The company claims to be run by Common Technology, headquartered in Singapore. We found a company called Common Technology SG Pte Ltd, but we can’t be sure if they are related to KAVVO.

Shenzhen KAVVO Technology Co, Ltd also owns the trademark for the KAWOCARE brand. KAWOCARE is a line of baby products that sells in some countries in Europe and the Middle East. This indicates that the company should have experience in manufacturing and bringing a product to the market.

Meanwhile, the FCC and CE certifications presented on the campaign page are applied under Shenzhen Common Technology Co, Ltd. This company holds the trademark for the brand Osicle but we didn’t find any products with that name.

The official website of Shenzhen Common Technology Co, Ltd contains a wide range industrial components. KAVVO is likely the consumer brand for its products.

Is it worth it?

There are many dental-certified teeth whitening kits out there like Crest in the market. These costs between USD 29 to 69.

If you are searching for LED teeth whitening devices on Amazon, you will find a ton of options ranging from USD 30 to USD 80.

Why didn’t KAVVO compare itself to its direct competitors that are LED teeth whitening devices? It compares itself to teeth whitening kits that uses chemicals whitening and are disposed after use. This makes it look more attractive since it is reusable, a factor KAVVO is quick to point out.

But how does KAVVO compare to other LED teeth whitening devices? Well, at USD 99, KAVVO is more expensive. In some cases, it is several times more expensive.

Is it a scam?

I’d recommend you shop around and know your options before throwing money at KAVVO. It looks like a legit product from a real company.

Too much mess

However, the brand throws up so much smoke screen that things might look a little dodgy. It is not an outright red flag, but it would make me reconsider whether I should trust them.

For all we know, it is just mess from a complex management and partnership relationship. We don’t know. What we know is that the brand doesn’t present itself in a clear and transparent manner.

How to be honest and professional? Check out iZYREC, a brand that really makes itself credible and deserving of backer trust.

Too much marketing fluff

I get it that they want to sell their products. We Bears are marketing people animals too. We appreciate when brands present themselves in smart and creative ways to convince consumers to buy the product.

KAVVO tries to use low blows to fool the unwitting consumer. This is either poor marketing strategy, or a lack of trust in their own products, hence the need to resort to such dirty tricks:

  1. Comparing itself with a different type of products instead of its direct competitors, because these competitors look like better options instead.
  2. Using the “more is better” mantra and design the product with 24 LED lights compared to 5 or 8 from other competitors. If it is really better, prove it. Otherwise, it is just pointless numbers in the product specifications to try to fool consumers.
  3. Try to push a weak product feature as something useful to consumers.
  4. Trying to fund a product that doesn’t have any real innovation compared to similar products in the market.
  5. Making claims on the product benefits and performance without scientific proof.

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