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The iZYREC sound recorder looks like a Tile. At such a slim form factor, it is highly portable and could be a sound recorder that becomes an EDC item.


Sound imprints precious moments in life. The problem is that people only remember a third of what they hear. We believe it should be easy to capture these moments whenever and wherever you want.

Although most smartphones can record audio, unexpected incoming calls or push notifications often interrupt the process, and audio quality is generally subpar. Simply put, smartphones are just not built to be digital voice recorders.

The ultra-compact and portable iZYREC professional voice recorder substantially empower your recording capabilities, allowing you to discreetly capture crystal-clear audio anytime and anywhere, with enhanced noise cancellation, ultra-long battery life, and abundant memory.

Of course with it being so concealable, it raises privacy concerns. Could someone be recording you without your knowledge? That’s a common comment we came across, and also the first thought that came to my mind as well.

That said, we could be recorded by the phone placed casually on the table for all we know. So, I’d say that this concern, while valid, is also not a strong case against the iZYREC.

Background check

I have to say, it is so satisfying researching on the team behind iZYREC. They are almost a textbook case study of how a team should be doing Kickstarter to be fully transparent and credible.

This goes to show that they have nothing to hide and believe strongly in their brand and product.

The iZYREC trademark is held by NiceBuild LLC, in Sheridan, WY. The company’s representative is Jing Xu, who is also the creator of the Kickstarter campaign. We believe he is presented in the campaign page as Nathan Xu.

Product showcase

The team does a great job of demonstrating the iZYREC sound recorder in the campaign videos. The campaign page shows that the iZYREC is already in production, so the unit showcased is most likely what the final product is like.

Nathan, the campaign creator and likely company founder/owner, appears in the videos to show how the product compares against the SONY ICD-SX2000 sound recorder. There are also videos of long-range recording tests and the introduction of the stretch goal feature.

Is it worth it?

Sound recorders are nothing new, but iZYREC seems to perform well and has an amazing form factor. If it is as good as it is marketed to be, this looks like an amazing product.

iZYREC sound recorder video



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