Is SOUL the best sound machine for sounds of nature?


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SOUL sounds of nature

Life has been a swirl over the past two years. The pandemic jerked our world into an invisible cage where the wild nature seems unreachable. We start to empathise with caged birds and animals. And we desire the sounds of nature to the greatest extent, instead of our partners’ constant complaining and snoring.

One day, I was video-calling a friend who showed me a project on Kickstarter that tries to address this problem by being the best sound machine. It is, quite aptly IMO, named SOUL. It plays over 250 mixed sounds of nature. He was excited while I was utterly confused.

The same confusion that overcame me when I first saw Terra.

“Why not use YouTube?” I asked. He hung up, leaving me even more confused. I wondered if he was using ChonkerKeys because he was a bit too fast on exiting the call.

But his excitement over SOUL piqued my interest and curiosity got the better of me. So I decided to take a quick look. It might surprise me by being magical.

What is SOUL

Let’s start with the basic definition, aka one of the ultimate philosophical questions. What is it?

SOUL is designed to play 8 sets of natural sounds. All the sounds are recorded individually from the source of origination. The recordings are done with professional equipment and perfected by sound engineers.

SOUL nature sounds from the best sound machine

What problems does it solve

SOUL takes you away from all the hustle and bustle of your daily life, and clears your mind. At least this is what it claims it can do. Sounds like returning your soul to you. This is something we need during this special time. The pandemic caused not only economic fluctuations but also anxieties for many people. Good sleep is hard to come by.

This SOUL ambient sound generator brings in the comforting sounds of the sea surf or the soothing sounds of a forest. Featuring high fidelity natural sounds that replace the urban noises, the SOUL helps you to fall into a deep sleep quickly.

The sounds also help you to calm down for your yoga routine and overall elevate your wellbeing. The SOUL tackles the problem that these ambient sounds you don’t encounter in this concrete forest!

SOUL helps to bring them to you whenever, wherever.

Who is it for

Everyone needs to sleep. So it is a product that’s friendly to everyone. Unlike HBO series, kids under 16 are allowed to use SOUL.

But if you had trouble falling asleep every night or you desired to be part of nature without physically being in nature, this is designed for you. Use it as a white noise sound machine to help you fall asleep or a sound machine to calm your soul down.

White noise, according to science, would work fine as a hammer when it comes to knocking you out in bed.

Go to sleep meme

Is it innovative

Yes and no.

The customization of different nature sounds stikes as a novel idea. You can listen to breeze alone, or to breeze and rain. This provides a new experience and you get to have a wider range of choices.

In addition, it doesn’t require Wi-Fi or Bluetooth to function. The sounds were all recorded beforehand. You can enjoy it even when you are in the wild with no Wi-Fi. But wait, if I were with nature…

SOUL nature sounds from the best sound machine

However, the idea as a whole has existed for some time now. To bring wild sounds to your home is not an innovative move.

Is it worth it

SOUL retails at $199. A decent price for souls!

It seems a bit pricey to me. I wouldn’t pay for it because:

  1. The number of sounds is limited on this product and no add-ons in the current version. While at the same time, YouTube has a wider range of sounds for you to choose from. (Seriously, make use of YouTube!)
  2. This is not battery-powered, which means you’d have to attach it to the socket-on-the-wall or a power bank for it to work.

But, as the old saying goes, if you like it, you are stupid. it’s worth it!

Soul meme

Are there any alternatives

Yes. As I have mentioned earlier, YouTube has a wide range of sound choices. For instance, they have alpha waves, rain sound on the window with thunder sounds, the wind in the trees, etc. What I prefer doing is to find the sounds I want on YouTube and download them on my phone in case there’s no Wi-Fi network.

If you are looking for something to help you fall asleep, you can try some white noise machines which are dedicated to improving sleeping quality. They may have a narrower range of sounds but they are more focused on white noises and cheaper.


Humans have the tendency to realize how important some things are after they are not around anymore. The pandemic situation made us treasure nature more than ever. SOUL brings the sounds of nature to your room.

But to the question of whether it is the best sound machine that brings you the sounds of nature, I’d say “nay”. It represents nothing more than my own shallow feelings. If you feel the same as/ different from me, comment below to let us know!

We’d love to hear from you!

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2 responses to “Is SOUL the best sound machine for sounds of nature?”

  1. Paige Avatar

    Hello criticalbears. When was this written? This nature-sound machine was on Kickstarter and was to be shipped in January 2022, but the so-called creators went silent and nothing further has been heard from them. None of us have received the SOUL we backed. What do you know about this/

    1. Takeshi Avatar

      This was written back in December 2021. Some Kickstarters take longer to deliver but creators should communicate any delays and keep the backers informed.

      Notice how they posted updates on [Indiegogo]( but neglected to do the same on Kickstarter. Seems like they are busy trying to get more people to pay for the product on another platform.

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