Is Loogeenie the genie you need for your toilet?


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My father told me I was born on a rainy day, that’s why he named me Rainee. I always thought that’s a very lazy literal way of naming. Somehow this memory surfaced when I saw Loogeenie on Kickstarter

What is it?

It’s a genie. For your loo. Duh. Except it’s the Australian spelling of genie apparently.

Loogeenie is a toilet brush. It has a slim design and combines a flexible brush head with a unique cleaning concept. It claims to be able to go where no other toilet brush gone before. I’m not sure if that’s a good thing, but I guess it’s about to embark on an adventure. One that I’m definitely not joining.

Who is Loogeenie for?

People need to clean their toilets. That’s almost everyone, I guess. But if you only use public toilets and have cleaners to do the job for you, skip this article. Drop me an email with the toilets you use and I’ll share notes with you

If you live with your life partner, forward this to them. It will help you in the long run if they get used to the idea that they are taking care of such chores at home. Don’t worry, it won’t rub them the wrong way.

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Is it innovative?

It may not be a huge leap in human history, but it is still something. The highlight of Loogeenie is its ability to release cleaning detergent tablets just by a press of the button on the handle. A vaginal tablet applicator comes to mind for some reason.

This feature helps forgetful people like me and Lucy. (No, I will not talk about the time I forgot my 4-year-old brother in a mall! At least he wasn’t left home alone!) 

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Form Designs, the Aussie industrial design agency that designed Loogeenie, put in effort to make it easier to use. Thank you for taking care of the forgetful population. We fail to recall a lot of things, but I remember to thank you. I wrote this reminder down in only six notebooks instead of the usual eleven, so this means a lot!

Anyway, don’t all innovations aim to make life easier? Kudos to Form Designs for at least achieving this. My only gripe is having to use Loogeenie’s proprietary detergent tablets. What about other detergent tablets available in the market? Not that I know much about it since I have no toilet-cleaning experience.

Is it worth it?

Loogenie costs $25. Get three for $50. This price is not outrageous at all. I would actually recommend this to my friends. You see, I have a list of friends whose toilets I’ve use. The trick is to go through the list so none of them would realise what I’m doing.

Most of them on the list definitely need this product. Their toilets need cleaning. Let me make it clear, it’s not my fault, except for one that I’d admit was clogged by that spicy dinner. I forgot to write down which restaurant it was. I doubt it’s the one I just went earlier. My stomach isn’t sure though.

Am I buying it? Heck no! I’m the lucky person who only uses my friends’ toilets. It saves me water and time to clean it! I just grant them three wishes in return, terms and conditions apply.

What are the alternatives?

There are many types of toilet brushes on the market. You can get a bestseller at only $9.95. Half the price of Loogeenie. But for that saving, you need to shove the cleaning tables in by hand. Or not.

Not many people would need help keeping track of their detergent tablets. But if you are like me, it is a lifesaver. Except, I still have to make sure I remember where I put the tablet boxes, and remember to load them when they run out!

So, do you really need Loogenie to grant you a wish? Probably be not, but your partner might. You’re welcome.

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I’m a reindeer that identifies as a bear. I’m the Critical Bear that does standup comedy.


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