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Infini is a desk toy for anyone who likes to fidget. It represents a new level of what a fidget desk toy can be by incorporating unique functions and no mediocrity.

Just when you thought that fidget toys are passé, Urban Toy Lab comes up with Infini. Apparently Urban Toy Lab is not the company name, but a brand. They claim the company behind the campaign is called QING HE THE DEVELOPMENT OF TECHNOLOGY INC.

What a weird name.

Backers questioned the creators over the lack of transparency on the team behind the project, and this is their response:

1. Urban Toy Lab is not a registered company. It’s a brand name that we have yet to register and we’re going to do it later. Our company is located in the US, and our members come from different areas. 

2. We’re a three-people startup. Qing is the founder and the core designer. Kim & Kyle are the people who help to bring this product to life. The whole idea popped up during the home quarantine. We decided to start the business while we were still employed with a full-time job that paid a regular salary. Thus, we don’t want to have any potential risk against the employment contract rules.

3. Like most other Kickstarter campaigns, our website is a landing page, which means the only function is to collect leads from our potential customers. We will insert more functions and improve the website after the campaign.

I understand your concern. I have seen a lot of good startups on Kickstarter, but some bad startups as well. The fidget toy category audience is relatively narrow compared to other categories. We’re not expecting to be funded with the big number we just want to start our small business on Kickstarter.

The video is filmed in Guangzhou, China, so they probably have team members in China.

However, they claim to be a team of three with full-time jobs, so there isn’t really much we can try to dig into. They showed photos of three different moulds they have made for the product. That is a fair amount of investment to make, so we are optimistic that they will deliver on the project.

We’ll keep our eyes open and see how things develop. Urban Toy Lab team, do reach out if you see this. We would love to speak to you.

If you want to take a leap of faith, go back them. If not, there are many fidget toys out there.
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