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The RANGER Hikerpower is the world’s first backpack power station that perfectly combines the backpack and power supply. It fundamentally solves the transport problem of traditional power stations.

It also comes equipped with Adjustable ambient lights, Signal lights, a 3D rainproof cover, and a Large storage space – subverting your perception of a backpack and power station, and redefining the traditional power station.

We hate campaigns that claim that they are the “world’s first” in whatever they try to be innovative in because they very often are not. However, Hikerpower seems to be the first brand that is trying to make portable power stations even easier to carry with a backpack form factor.

Power stations are pretty mature tech so there isn’t much to comment on. My only question is, are you willing to lug around a backpack that is 18 lbs (8.16 kg)?

Background check

The trademark for Hikerpower is owned by Tunnu Innovation Hk Limited. It is most likely a subsidiary of Shenzhen Tunnu Innovation Co, Ltd since that is the company that listed on their Facebook page with a typo. The company sells power banks on Amazon under its TUNNU brand.

The Shenzhen company’s public information indicates that it is related to Shenzhen Topband Co, Ltd, a company that seems to specialise in battery production. From its expertise in the battery industry, it is a sign that backer can probably be assured that the product’s battery would at least be decent. The Shenzhen company has a startup capital of RMB 10 million.

Evidently, the company does not need the funds to start this campaign. It is just a preorder and marketing push for a product that they have already developed. Perhaps they were unsure of the consumer’s reception to this product, so they are running the campaign to test waters.

The $10,000 goal also indicates that they might be trying to ensure they enough funds to mass produce the Hikerpower Ranger.

Is this a real team?

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Given the size of the companies behind Hikerpower, I’m not sure if the team information is reliable. Memojis with generic names?

Here’s what they say about themselves:

We are a young and diverse team of tech geeks, passionate product managers, and creative designers. We are also a group of outdoor enthusiasts who are constantly exploring different possibilities of outdoor activities. We are dedicated to creating innovative ways to interact with the essential devices we use for outdoor activities, working, and fun. Inspired by hikers, campers, and digital nomads, we came up with the idea of HIkerpower Ranger and decided to bring it to life. Our passion and background have attracted many talents to join the project, including experienced R&D engineers, marketing managers, and product designers, and our R&D director has worked in the industry for years.

No mention of the corporates that own the brand and most likely developed and will manufacture the products.

We did not find any company registered under the name Hkeripower Tech.

The campaign creator is Robert Burdette but there’s no Robert on the team. Strange.

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