GogoMeow cat water dispenser


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GogoMeow smart water dispenser


You may not know that your cat has been drinking contaminated water! The traditional open design of pet water fountains, where hair and dust fall, can easily cause the water to be contaminated. Now the GogoMeow smart water dispenser is here, and our innovative semi-enclosed structure solves this problem perfectly.

This innovative structure has the added benefit of preventing cats from getting their chins wet when drinking, especially long-haired cats! No more worrying about the health problems brought to cats by long-term wet chins.

It is rather misleading to claim that water is contaminated. A responsible pet owner changes the water regularly, so a water contamination should not be an issue. While I understand the concern GogoMeow is trying to address, I disagree with how they frame the problem.

I’m also not sure how such a water dispenser can deal with the problem of wet chins. Skin allergies and reactions due to a constantly wet chin usually indicates a bigger problem than the way water flows from a water dispenser.

Wet chins in cat could be due to excessive salivation caused by oral diseases, medication, or even rabies.

GogoMeow is a brand by Guangdong Yuanmiao Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd based in Foshan, China. From their Alibaba profile, we can see that they are a trading with some manufacturing capability. This usually indicates a manufacturer that they partner closely with.

They don’t seem to have any electronic products, so GogoMeow looks like their first foray into pet products with smart technology. I saw a couple of YouTube videos showing the product samples in action. They look good enough, but we’ll probably need to wait for the product to ship before we get more real-world feedback of the product.

What are the alternatives?

The GogoMeow cat water dispenser costs $79 on Kickstarter and will retail for $169. That is a very high price point considering that the market average is around $50. You can find many of them on Amazon.

Is the GogoMeow worth over triple of the competitors? You have to decide for your cats, but my personal choice would be soething below $40.


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