GKD Pro handheld game console with built-in games


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Retro has been making yet another comeback. Sometimes it’s not the newer, the better. My favorite period is not the future but the 90s even though I was a clueless kid at that time. In the 90s, things started developing but not that fast. Aside from the new technology, people could still enjoy their life. Now, we are overwhelmed.

I also love old games. I dislike playing games on my phone. A small portable handheld game console is still the best retro gaming experience. And yes, I’m looking for something that’s way cheaper than Nintendo.

When I saw GKD Pro retro handheld game console on Kickstarter, I was surprised. Not because this idea is novel but for I have seen many similar products elsewhere. Isn’t Kickstarter a place for creative and innovative products?

However, curiosity got the better of me. I clicked in. Tada, here we are!

What is it

GKD Pro handheld game console with built-in games

The existential question always comes first. A retro handheld game console it is. GKD Pro has two designs: one in metal and one in plastic. The metal kind has a matte finish metal shell that doesn’t collect dirt or fingerprints.

GKD Pro is said to be with 2500+ games and 20+ game emulations. But I saw in the comment section where a back was asking for a list of preinstalled games (50 games) to which the team responded ‘We’re sorry that we currently don’t have a game list’.

That was a bit odd for me. Shouldn’t you know what games you preinstalled when you are developing the product? Or shouldn’t one of your team at least know something about that? No research was done during the whole process?

What problems does it solve

It doesn’t solve any substantial problems. No life is depending on this. But it does help kill time (as long as Elon Musk doesn’t name his next kid Time, I think no one is killing anyone here.)

A portable handheld game console is a good choice for different occasions. And it doesn’t rely on your phone. So it saves the life of your phone battery. This phone battery situation always bugs me. While I was waiting for my flight or a friend who is never on time, my phone battery is running low at a fast speed. A powerful mini power bank is like every relationship of mine: may bring a short-term pleasure but never a long-term solution.

If I had a small console with me, I’d have no problems with feeling bored while waiting or worrying about my phone dying on me.

Who is it for

GKD Pro handheld game console with built-in games

GKD Pro retro handheld game console is made for people who love retro games. The mosaic-like resolution and the easy playing mode are what would arouse their interest. Their target audience range from kids who love the ‘old days’ culture to adults who were born in the ‘old days’ and want to feel young again.

It’s indeed a good way to kill time.

Is it innovative

I don’t think so. This is something that already existed in the market. You can just search for ‘handheld retro game console’ on Amazon. Quite a few results will pop up. Another risk here is that this is a Kickstarter project. Chances are in the end you won’t be able to receive your product or the product you get is not what they promised to deliver.

Kickstarter over the years has changed a lot. By looking at this project, you may be able to sense the difference. Amazing products are still a thing but so are shitty projects and scams.

IT'S NOTHING PERSONAL... - Godfather | Meme Generator

Is it worth it

Their MSRP is $258. Wow, it’s almost the same as Nintendo’s price which is mostly around $300. So, it doesn’t sound like a worthy buy to me. You can find something similar on the market at a price lower than $50. Why spend triple the price on similar products?

I don’t know why 910 people backed this project. They might have their own preferences. Or they didn’t do enough research. Either way, if they think it’s a good buy, it is.

Are there any alternatives

Yes. We can find quite some alternatives online.

If you are rich, you can go for a Nintendo switch. A tad expensive but also fun to use. Oh, and it’s classy, too. You can now be included in their ‘switch group’. What an honor is that?

For poor bears out there, don’t worry, we have other cheap alternatives. This BLANDSTRS handheld game console, for instance, looks great. Or you can choose this BAORUITENG one. They all work magics instead.

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We love games. If I saw GKD Pro on Amazon, I might have had more interest in it. But as an unfinished project, I’m skeptical. Especially with the wide range of choices out there, if you insist on having this in your pocket, I wouldn’t stop you.

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