Flic Twist wireless smart home control dial


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Flic Twist wireless smart home control dial

We, humans, do stupid things all the time. Things like bombing each other, discriminating against other races, sending messages at midnight to that toxic ex, etc. But the good thing is our homes are getting smarter. #theMatrixAlert

The smart home trend has been going on for quite some years now. You control things via apps or smart devices. So you can go home without lifting a finger or spook your partner while being away. I think for some people, including me, having a smart home means you use less of your physical body parts but control your home appliances with your voice.

But the Flic Twist team do not fall under said category. They are developing a smart home control dial. All you need to do is push, rotate, or push and rotate. Hmm, doesn’t sound too smart to me.

Then again, they have over 3,000 people backing it. So, let’s see what it’s really about.

What is it

Flic Twist wireless smart home control dial

So what is this smart home control dial? Simply put, it’s an add-on button for your wall or desk. Push it. Rotate it. Or push-rotate it. How does it work? The magic comes from their Flic Hub Mini. It’s a small computer that connects your devices and Flic Twist.

You set up your Flic Twist via the Flic app for the first time and connect your smart appliances using the app, too. Wait, what happened to “without voice or apps”? Turns out when they say no apps, they mean you don’t need to launch an app while using it.

One thing I don’t get is, why would I choose to lift my arm to press and rotate when I can simply open my mouth and say the words?

Do it yourself meme

The optimized long-range communication works on distances of up to 50 m (150 ft). Its battery lasts for over 2 years, and it has an ultra fast latency of less than 0.1 second. A blink of an eye takes 0.1 to 0.4 seconds.

I can’t prove them wrong since I hold no degrees in relevant fields, but I’m not super convinced. Feels like when my boyfriend told me he was being honest. I couldn’t prove otherwise, but I’ll hold on to my doubts and see what happens.

Also, walls and other interferences might affect the range. The usual disclaimer for them to fall back on when the signal doesn’t work as advertised.

We shall see meme

Flic Twist will not be exposed in Apple Home app because Apple HomeKit does not support dimmers or incremental changes for now. Flic Twist is however able to control pretty much anything that you also can control with HomeKit, and it works in parallel.

Who is it for

Hmm, it is for people who want to control their smart home appliances using one simple button. Easy and safe even for small kids to operate.

The Flic Hub operates locally and only needs internet connectivity if you connect an integration that requires it. This is an advantage compared to any other type of smart home controlling method. Without the internet, your privacy is under better protection.

Yes, Facebook should be offline too if you wish to have your privacy protected.

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Is it innovative

Flic Twist wireless smart home control dial

Flic Twist is CES Innovation awards 2022 honoree, which probably means it is innovative. They say that it tackles the problem in a smart home where guests and family members don’t understand how to control it.

It happened to me. And it took me a few seconds to understand how their home appliances work. I think it would take me an equal amount of time to learn how do I control lights or volumes using the smart home control dial.

‘There is nothing like it on the market’ doesn’t necessarily mean it is a treasure. My ex was a unique asshole in this world. Does that make him treasurable? NO.

Is it worth it

Ok, money.

Money talks

The early bird price of one Flic Twist is $91. 20% off its retail price after the campaign. It comes with 2x AAA batteries and a wall mount is included. This has to work together with a Flic Hub Mini which can be added in the checkout.

They also have quite a few bundles to choose from. I don’t see the worth in it. Want to control your home with an extra smart home control dial? Why? Are the original ones not good enough? Want to control your home in a smart way? Why not use voice control?

Wouldn’t that be more convenient? Open your mouth and say the magic word!

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Are there any alternatives

Yes, indeed.

When you are poor like me, you use the conventional non-smart buttons to control your home. You go to where the buttons are and turn off whatever is on. It won’t be too troublesome because poor people don’t have big houses!

If you are a tech-savvy person, try voice controlling. Alexa sounds like a nice choice. It’s all about choices. And money.

Flic Twist wireless smart home control dial


Everyone gets to choose. You can choose whatever you like. Well, not always of course. I wouldn’t buy this but it doesn’t mean those 3,000 over backers wouldn’t either. They have a place in their home and lives for a smart home control dial. Or at least they think they do until they use it for some time.

Live a simple life is not just about home appliances. It’s also about your life attitude. Get rid of things unnecessary and people who are toxic. Minimalize your life. Get smarter yourself. No smart home can ever compete with smart people.

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