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When I was young, I thought things in the fridge never go bad. Everything in it was is safe to go inside my body, mainly through my mouth. When I grew older, I realised I was wrong. Things actually can go bad in the fridge. And I mean bad, as in hits-you-in-the-face bad when you open the fridge door. So I started to look for a deodoriser for my fridge.

Xiaomi’s EraClean Max was saved the day, and my relationship with my housemates.

What is it

The EraClean Max is an air purifier sub-brand from Xiaomi. I came across it while shopping on Xiaomi’s boutique ecommerce platform. The EraClean Max disinfects and deodorises your fridge by killing bacteria and fungi that would otherwise decompose your food. It uses ozone disinfection to wipe out these pesky germs. And you also get the benefit of ozone deodorisation.

Besides keeping your food fresh longer, it also helps you get rid of funny smells that bother you. Sometimes your partner’s inexplicable love for durians is the source of the funny smell. Tell them you have an inexplicable love for the durian shells. They make for great kneeling pads. But then again, with the EraClean Max you probably won’t need to go that far.

EraClean Max ozone deodoriser and air purifier by Xiaomi

What problem does it solve

I’ll try to explain this without going too deep into the science of the problem. Food goes bad. You get sad. Capisce?

Maybe a little deeper. Your fridge keeps food fresh longer than if you left them in room temperature, because the low temperature slows down the activity of bacteria and fungi. But it doesn’t deactivate the germs completely. Some bacterias and fungi enjoy the cold or at least tolerate it like Canadians.

EraClean Max releases ozone that kills bacteria and fungi. I see you there with a UV disinfection lamp. Nope, that won’t work. The right kind of UV light (meaning the right UV wavelength) would kill bacteria. But only where the UV light can reach. There will be some spots the UV light won’t be able to reach. This is why ozone is a better way of disinfection, especially in an enclosed space.

The ozone builds up density in the enclosed space, fills every part of your fridge, and gets in contact with every uncovered surface. The germs would be like your friends trapped in your car as it cruises along the highway when you release the most insidious fart after a durian buffet. The only difference is, the ozone kills the bacteria.

Yes, ozone is dangerous, but only in high density. With the EraClean Max, the ozone that builds up dissipates rapidly as soon as you open your fridge. So you can clean your items and purify the air using with ozone disinfection and ozone deodorisation with a peace of mind.

Who is it for

If you have a fridge, you will need this. I mean, who cleans their fridge regularly? Even if you do, I doubt you clean every nook and cranny.

However, the EraClean Max it is not only for fridges. You can use it to clean your cars (lol), closets, kid’s toy box, your pet’s beds, and anywhere you think the air quality needs improvement, as long as they are spaces you can close to let the ozone build up and snuff out the microbes.

Is it innovative

Ozone disinfection is not something novel. Neither is ozone deodorisation. However, I would consider the design of the EraClean Max innovative. You hang it in the fridge so it doesn’t not take up any storage space. Credit to the designer for keeping practicality and user experience in mind.

The technology is not groundbreaking but it still gets credit for being innovative. It’s like your parents don’t have a great kid but they still get credit for… well, sorry, wrong analogy!

Is it worth it

You can get a device that purified the air and disinfects enclosed spaces at only $45. Worth it? I don’t think it is just worth it. It’s a great deal!

Like the old saying goes, “The real enemy is not the fighty ones, but the ones that cannot be seen.” This air purifier comes handy when we try to battle the invisible bacteria. That half-eaten slice of pizza is mine, you Bacillus cereus. Expelliarmus! Oh wait, I mean Avada Kedavra!

And contrary to popular belief, ozone is a pollution-free cleaning agent. So, you don’t need to worry that you might be contributing to global warming. We will continue to blame it on certain countries.


Are there any alternatives

Yes. There aren’t many alternatives, but there are still similar products available. This is the only one I’ve seen that is so portable, though. I really the ease of hanging the EraClean Max anywhere. And it sits conveniently in my fridge and doesn’t take up space for all my precious… leftovers.


We cook food and heat leftovers to kill bacteria and fungi, besides making them more palatable. Why not kill these pesky germs even when we store the food in the fridge? Besides keeping your food fresh longer, you put a stamp on your territory and tell those germs.

What about food in the fridge you don’t cook and just put them in your mouth? Well, all the more to disinfect the fridge once in a while. Even if it’s just to make sure it doesn’t stink like durian fart.

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