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Duex Max


Finally, the DUEX you’ve been waiting for. DUEX Max is our most upgraded, portable dual-screen laptop accessory that makes multitasking effortless. The iconic portable, external monitors complement mobile work, entertainment on the go, and everything in between.

When it comes to screens/monitors, my stance is: the more the merrier.

This is not the first campaign by Mobile Pixels. They have already funded three similar products, so the concept isn’t new. It is just an iteration of their previous products with a better screen panel and some refinement to the product design.

If you are a MacBook user, you would probably know that you can use your iPad to extend or mirror your display using Sidecar. Very useful while on the go. But you’ll need to be using a MacBook and have an iPad. For the rest of us, there’s DUEX Max. Of course, the DUEX Max function more like an external monitor than a tablet, so you don’t get to enjoy all the benefits of an iPad.


Of course, this product is not new. There are lots of options available on Amazon. They are within a similar price range, do shop around and check out the other options.

Well you might be asking, why should you get DUEX Max? If you are a fan of Mobile Pixels or believe in helping these two young entrepreneurs pursue their dream, help them to fund yet another campaign to support them in developing new products.

With such a product, the life cycle is pretty much tied in with the progress made in display panels. They will keep refreshing the product line as better panels are available.

Is this a sustainable business? Who knows? But you can see them diversifying the product line by selling a lot of accessories that are most likely OEM products that they stick their brand on.

Campaign video

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