Casamera 100% natural body scrubber


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Casamera 100% natural body scrubber

Two things I do for fun during this pandemic are sleeping and showering. We’ve talked about some ideas on how to sleep better here. And of course, my best friend Tryfun, the friend who can turn a desert into an oasis.

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I stumbled upon this 100% natural body scrubber by Casamera on Kickstarter. It surprised me because I thought Kickstarter exists to bring creative projects to life. What’s so creative about a body scrubber? Then I saw that over 2,000 people backed this project, so I decided to give it a thorough look.

Also, I need something to scrub away the dirt on my body accumulated over the stay-in period.

What is it

Casamera 100% natural body scrubber

A slice of burnt meat? No. It’s a double-sided, charcoal-infused shower srub. The biggest selling point is that this is 100% natural body scrubber. In a world full of synthetical products and lame lies, being natural is even more valuable.

And since this is biodegradable, it poses no harm to our environment. Greta would be delighted.

It is two-sided. But the two sides are different. One side is with honeycomb texture with which you can enjoy a gentle touch. The other utilizes a greater concentration of natural walnut shells. You can use this side to take care of dead, dry skin cells without chafing, reddening, or irritating.

What problems does it solve?

Dirty hands

It solves the dirty problem. Yes, pun-intended. and if you use it with your partner, you might be able to solve two dirty problems at the same time.

If You Know What I Mean | Know Your Meme

We shower every day. Most of our shower scrubbers are made from silicones or other synthetical materials. If you want a natural touch on your skins, those wouldn’t be able to help. And evvironment-wise, a biodegradable srubber is your best choice.

Casamera is here to solve these problems. It offers you both a natural touch on your skin and an environment-friendly solution. Cut the old ones into pieces and throw them away with your banana peels to the wild. No leftover issues. Easier to take care of than your toxic exes.

Who is it for?

Casamera 100% natural body scrubber

It is for everyone who showers. No, you don’t have to be hot as in the GIF to use this scrubber. It won’t judge you by your cover. It only helps clean that cover of yours.

The honeycomb textured side is mostly for your facial area which requires a more gentle application. While the other side is for scrubbing away your dead skins. The tough side may not be too suitable for your young kids unless you wish to give them a tough lesson at a young age.

Is it innovative

This natural body scrubber a pretty simple product. It might be easier to be innovative when it comes to rockets than a body scrubber. But Casamera managed to have made this body scrubber a biodegradable one. I think in this sense, it has its fair share of being innovative.

Being eco-friendly is not new. We can find simple eco-friendly natural body scrubber on the market. Compared to those, Casamera’s products are more delicate.

I have used some body scrubbers before. But after they reached their lifespan, they became the kind of waste that overburdens our environment. With Casamera, you can throw them away like a banana. And they’d be biodegraded. Convenient and friendly.

Anatomy of the scrubber

Is it worth it?

You can get one scrubber at $15 / 4 scrubbers at $45 / 6 scrubbers at $60 / 24 scrubbers at $200 plus shipping fee during their Kickstarter campaign. The retail price is $20/scrubber.

Common body scrubbers cost around $10. You can also find eco-friendly but super simple ones. If you purchase 6 Casamera scrubbers at one go, that’d be a good choice. $10/ each. Similar to the price of other ones.

Are there any alternatives?

Yes. Most people out there don’t need any scrubbers.

My next-door neighbor: I have my hands. What good can scrubbers do?
My infatuated best friend: A scrubber? Never used that. I have a boyfriend. (Am I supposed to know what that means?)

So, you can use your hands or your boyfriends’ hands. Or you can find other scrubbers. It won’t be too difficult. Scrubbers are not soul mates. This Avilana Exfoliating Silicone Body Scrubber looks nice and costs $9.99. Or this BAIMEI body scrubber that sells at $4.50.

Baimei body scrubber
BAIMEI body scrubber


Scrubbing your skin can be beneficial. Just, don’t overdo it. You want to get rid of dead skin cells not to remove the whole skin. Be gentle. Casamera body scrubber can be a choice but not the only one. It solves your dirty problems and it is biodegradable. That means your dirt will never be found out. 😉

Have a fun week!

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Hi, I’m Rainee.

I’m a reindeer that identifies as a bear. I’m the Critical Bear that does standup comedy.

Critical Bear Rainee the reindeer bear

Hi, I’m Rainee.

I’m a reindeer that identifies as a bear. I’m the Critical Bear that does standup comedy.


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