Buildy Bots lets kids aged 5+ code without screens


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Buildy Bots lets kids aged 5+ code without screens

Kids are very often glued to the screens. There are apps that try to make better use of the screen time with activities that help with their development, such as programming and creating things with their devices.

Getting kids to code and build simple machines is an important part of their development nowadays. Besides building their fine motor skills and logical thinking, it also encourages them to explore and be creative.

Buildy Bots is designed to let kids code without using screens or a device. It turns code blocks into actual physical blocks of code. Kids work on the coding and building of their creations with their hands.

What is it

Buildy Bots is the latest product from Robolink. The company makes STEM products such as robotic kits that makes picking up programming and engineering fun and approachable.

Kids can create robots and simple machines with the kit. They can also use Buildy Bots with their LEGO sets to expand the materials they have available to build with.

It hones the children’s fine motor skills by letting them fiddle with their little hands to construct whatever they can imagine. They learn to build things and take them apart. Solve problems they encounter.

Buildy Bots for kids aged 5+

Buildy Bots comes with several different features that the kids can incorporate in their creations.

  • Dual shaft motors
  • Simple sensors
  • LED lights
  • Remote controller

Their brilliant little minds can dream up a simple machine or robot they want, then they try to make their concept become reality with the different parts available.

Buildy Bots is not just about building. Kids can program their creations to do things, adding another layer of complexity and opening up the door to a multitude of possibilities they can achieve in their creations.

Instead of having to code on a device and transferring the program, Buildy Bots uses physical code blocks that work with NFC to create the computing input for their robots and machines.

Buildy Bots creation

Who is it for

Anyone five and older would love this. I believe the age restriction is more due to a concern over choking parts, that’s why they exclude younger children. Kids below five can still play with Buildy Bots under proper guidance and monitoring. Be responsible parents!

The tools and building modules are specially designed for kids to play safely too with no sharp edges. With simple motors and sensors that can be easily assembled to the toy, no extra tools are needed for young children to build an impressive robot.

Parents who want their kids to learn through playing modern toys will love this. Or parents who want to spend more quality time with their children away from a screen.

Looking for a gift for your beloved niece or nephew, or your friend’s kid? Buildy Bot will give them hours of fun and make you their new favourite adult.

Robolink not only makes products, they also create curriculum to help kids develop their abilities. This could be why Buildy Bots is not a toy that the kids will get tired of after sometime. It grows with the kids and offer them increasing challenge as they become better with building their robots and machines.

Imagination is the limit here. The more they play with Buildy Bots, the better they know what it can do. And they will come up with even more ideas and creative ways to build their next machine.

Buildy Bots, the imagination is the limit.

Is it innovative

There are many STEM products in the market. Many of them comes with so many bells and whistles. Companion apps that lets kids create impressive machines. Cool.

Buildy Bots stands head and shoulder above the competition by going back to basics. Its innovative use of physical code blocks represents a mindset shift that brings the whole experience back to a more hands on process with the physical parts.

Forget about the screens, devices, and fancy apps. Sure they give even more possibilities and flexibility, but that’s a plus. For kids five and above, they are at a stage where they are still budding engineers and programmers. Simples tools and approach help them to build a solid foundation that they can then expand upon.

It pushes them to be even more creative when they have to make something complex with the simplest of tools and commands.

Buildy Bots nailed it with their less is more approach.

Buildy Blocks physical coding blocks

Is it worth it

Buildy Bots retails at $325. That is expensive for a toy for five year olds.

There are many STEM toys in the market that cost a mere fraction of it. You might argue that Buildy Bots grows with your kid so it is a worthwhile investment, since the toy will last for a long time. Well, I’ll leave that to your judgement.

Some kids might lose interest in the toy despite its potential to entertain and educate.

I mean, look at me. My parents didn’t buy me any LEGO set as a kid, but I grew up smart. Okay, not really but you get my point.

What are the alternatives

There are many STEM toys in the market. You can find STEM toys for all age groups on Amazon.

I found Thinkfun when I was researching for STEM toys similar to Buildy Bots. It retails at only $15.99, but it is more limited in what can be done. There’s no assembly process. It allows kids to program the robots to meet the game objectives. It doesn’t encourage kids to think out of hte box like Buildy Bots.

The more well-known STEM toy is Makeblock. Its products range from $70 to over $300. The brand has established itself as a STEM toy leader, but the products have more specific outcomes like LEGO sets. But unlike LEGO where you can build what you imagine, they don’t seem to have as much flexibility as Buildy Bots.


Buildy Bots is pushing the envelope when it comes to empowering kids to do more with less. The brand understands that simplicity actually breeds more creativity. They allow kids to do more while providing them with simple parts and simple programming commands.

The only downside is its cost. The price point might be a bit too much for some. We understand it is still running its Kickstarter campaign as of writing of this article. Who knows, the price might drop after the campaign or when the next version comes out.

If you like Buildy Bots and you can afford it, I’m sure you don’t need further convincing.

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