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Bridger Customizable Helmet. A fully customizable helmet for biking, skiing, and snowboarding.


Bridger is raising funds for their fully customisable helmet for both biking and snow sports. They don’t have an introduction to the project in text, so I’m just going to list down some of the copy in the graphics on their Kickstarter page.

The idea is to have a helmet that can be converted to maximise ventilation or be fully insulated for cold weather use.

With a patent-pending interchangeable shell system, ready for any season in a snap.

I like how they are very transparent in saying that their patent is still pending instead of the common false claim of patent when the creator have yet to receive their patents. However, the Bridger Kickstarter video’s narration said patented instead. I’ll chalk that down as an oversight during the video production process rather than an attempt to mislead.

Now, we often see Kickstarter campaigns with very weak claims for being environmentally-friendly and sustainable. More often than not, the campaigns really try to stretch the claim to try to convince eco-conscious consumers that they care for the environment.

Reduced Consumption
Buy one instead of multiple. Fewer helmets produced means less materials and energy used in production and more money in your pocket.

Bridger’s claim is actually pretty reasonable sustainability. You don’t need two helmets. One that does the job of two should spark joy. Marie Kondo will be proud.

Support Bridger

The campaign has raised over $53,000 so far, but they are still around $7,000 sort of their goal with 9 days left on the campaign. I think this product is innovative and are trying to help improve people’s life. They deserve more support compared to other consumer products from big corporations that are running their campaign on Kickstarter and Indiegogo just as a marketing move to get more pre-orders.

Help small startups and businesses like Bridger to bring their dream to life instead of lining the pockets of large companies that don’t actually need such support.


The Bridger helmet comes at $199 for the biking version and $209 for the snow version. For the full set with both setups, you’ll have to pay $229. That’s a very high pricing, considering that it is a discounted Kickstarter price and the full set will retail at $325.

Snow helmets on Amazon cost around $50 and high quality ones cost well below $200.

Biking helmets cost below $30 on Amazon and higher end bike helmets retail below $150.

It is actually cheaper to get both snow and bike helmets and avoid the hassle of having to swap things around. Of course, Bridger helmets would actually be more comparable to higher end ones based on what we see on their Kickstarter page. And it might make more sense if you prefer high quality helmets.

Campaign video
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