Bluvy – the Best Shower Gadget Ever?


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Do you shower? If your answer is no, you probably should jump into the nearest river right now. Well, not to kill yourself but to clean your dirty self up! I love showering and recently I have been looking for a shower partner (No, not what you have in mind). 

That’s when I bumped into Bluvy. Not a person. It’s a shower gadget. And according to them, it is the best smart bathroom mirror ever (I’m not sure about this but I do admire their confidence.) Read on to find out a bit more about Bluvy and see if you are another great mind that thinks like me! (yes, a bear with a big mind.)

What is it

You can use Bluvy as a mirror, a speaker, for movies and music. And it is also said to have UV-C disinfection function which can help to deodorize corners or curves that are hard to reach. Sounds amazing! 

But it feels to me like my ex-boyfriend’s commitment- always sounded fancy but never meant anything. This device is currently on its crowdfunding stage on Kickstarter.

Who is using it

Everyone who showers. That’s probably 90% of us. But it also states on their page: “Get a clean shave in the shower without having to wipe a foggy mirror!”

So I probably need to start shaving.


Is it worth it

As long as we are breathing, money will always come up. For Bluvy, the market price is $449 per set and the Kickstarter prices range from $249 – $319 per set.

Let me rephrase it. When I’m in my rational mood, I pay for things based on my practical needs – to consider if they meet my expectation. When I’m in my midnight mood, I pay for stuff that look super cool and are with ideas that I couldn’t fathom.

Bluvy successfully avoided two of my purchasing moods – it doesn’t really meet my expectation as a great shower gadget and it doesn’t have the unique ideas that attracts my attention.

This smart bathroom mirror could have been bigger. The UV-C light disinfection function is, in my opinion, still in question as to if it will work as shown on the advertisement.

Is it innovative

Bluvy feels more like a simple combination of whatever functions they could think of. To conclude, it is a smart mirror with an Android system, which is not novel in the current market.

Smart mirrors with Android can easily achieve all the functions. I would say on the innovative side, Bluvy is like me when I dress up – I’m the same but looks different in a certain way.

Are there any alternatives

There are many smart bathroom mirrors in the market. Smart mirrors running Android are easily found on Chinese ecommerce app Taobao. These come with all the functions at around $140. Lookswise, they look better with a more high-tech feel.

Smart mirror

For someone like me who has been looking for a great shower partner, Bluvy is not gonna be the love of your life (as you can probably judge from my points above). But for everyone else, it’s your life, your choice. My only suggestion is “Be wise and shower!”

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