Big Ocean Bottle is a reusable eco-friendly smart bottle


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Big Ocean Bottle is a reusable eco-friendly smart bottle

A good way to relieve stress is to go to the seaside, stare at the vast ocean, and cry. This is why we ought to save the ocean from pollution. If it continues getting polluted, wouldn’t know whether you’re crying over your miserable life or the ocean and marine life.

Bear in mind that water covers 70% of Earth’s surface. If we continue disregarding the ocean, it might get mad and blast us with tsunamis. Or marine life might mutate and invade the land.

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Eco-friendly and sustainability are two features that responsible brands strive for. There are many ways we can do to help ease current climate situation. One of them is drinking. Not drinking alcohol, of course. I’m talking about how you drink. The straw debate is done and gone. We should look at whether we are using reusable eco-friendly bottles.

I saw the Big Ocean Bottle, or BOB for short. It is one of the go-to bottles when you want to find a reusable eco-friendly smart bottle. But, let’s be honest here. We are at a point where we wonder if this is yet another eco-friendly smart bottle, or could it really be something different.

Let’s find out.

What is it

Big Ocean Bottle is a smart bottle by Ocean Bottle that funds the collection of ocean-bound plastic. For every bottle sold, Ocean Bottle commits to collecting 1,000 plastic bottles through collectors in coastal communities who then sells the plastic.

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Big Ocean Bottle environmental commitment

The 1 L (34 oz) bottle is dishwasher safe and BPA free. Its stainless steel vacuum insulation keeps your water cold for18 hours or hot for 9 hours. Winter or summer, ain’t no bummer.

Keeping yourself hydrated is important as protecting your neck, as we saw in Alpha Neck. Neck pain and dehydration don’t kill you right away, but the pain is real.

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Big Ocean Bottle comes with an NFC function that plays a big part in Ocean Bottle’s environmental commitment. It is a way that Big Ocean Bottle owners can do their part for the environment. Read on to find out how this works.

What problem does it solve

It treads in the river of helping people stay hydrated, while tackling the problem of plastic waste flooding the ocean. How ironic.

Yes, we all know that plastics is waste that’s generated and we try to do our part to recycle plastic, but how big is the problem? National Geographic cited an analysis that says 91% of plastics become plastic waste.

Nowadays, we are more addicted to coffee or tea than we are to water. Drinking water seems more like a mandatory task, but Ocean Bottle realised that what matters more than drinking water is how you drink it.

We’ve all grabbed a bottle of water from the local convenience store after a run or exercise on a hot summer day at some point. Do you still remember what you did with that bottle? Did you throw it away or placed it in the plastic recycling bin?

Good on you if you recycled it, but it is still waste that’s generated. What many of us don’t realise is that not all plastics recycled are truly recyclable.

Instead of going for recyclable bottles, reusable ones actually play a more significant role in protecting the environment.

Big Ocean Bottle features

Who is it for

Anyone who truly cares for the environment will love the Big Ocean Bottle. However, it caters to everyone who needs a bottle. It just empowers you to do more with having a bottle that makes it so attractive.

You can do your part for the environment with minimal effort. It is almost as though own this bottle gives you a super power. You might just make Captain Planet jealous.

The Big Ocean Bottle is for you if you prefer drinking cold or hot water, nothing in the middle. The bottle keeps cold water cold and hot water hot. What a surprise. Jokes aside, it would make a great gift for your Chinese friends. (Chinese culture alert: they believe hot water is good for your health a panacea.)

Big Ocean Bottle different liquids

Is it innovative

The product itself is not innovative. It’s a thermal bottle that keeps its contents hot or cold. The whole business and ecosystem that Ocean Bottle is building, however, is very innovative.

Smart bottles are nothing new. You can find a lot of them a lot of them on the internet. Some even flash to remind you to drink water. There are tons of choices in the market because everyone needs to drink. Even our pets get their own drinking bottle. The Big Ocean Bottle can also be used by your dog too.

What makes the Ocean Bottle initiative stand out is its commitment to the environment. When you buy a Big Ocean Bottle, you already contribute to reducing plastic waste. Ocean Bottle commits to collecting 1,000 plastic bottles to prevent them from ending up in the ocean.

They collect these through coastal communities, so the plastics collected have a high chance of ending up in the ocean if not dealt with. But Ocean Bottle doesn’t stop there.

The Big Ocean Bottle comes with an NFC chip in its base. You can use it at stores that are part of the Ocean Bottle Impact Platform. You can scan your bottle at the partner location to record the use of the bottle. This will then track how many ocean-bound bottles you’ve helped to collect through your use of Ocean Bottle.

The Blue Ocean app also helps you to find the nearest spots for refill.

Big Ocean Bottle Impact Platform

Is it worth it

You can get a Big Ocean Bottle at $54 during their Kickstarter campaign. Thermal bottles range from $15 to $50 on Amazon. In comparison, smart versions go for $20 to $70.

So BOB is a very reasonable price range for what it does. In fact, given what it is trying to do for the environment, it is well worth the money and more. I mean, if you want something similar, why not do it while helping reduce the plastic waste ending up in the ocean?

Big Ocean Bottle in use


To stay hydrated should be more important than feeling sorry for yourself all the time. Big Ocean Bottle transforms drinking water into a superpower that lets you shape the world we live in and the ocean fish live in.

We always think we are doing the Earth a favour. I hate to break it to you but, we, being the selfish humans, are in fact saving ourselves. Earth has seen the birth and death of so many species and it’s still here. Humans will be the next one to go on the list.

It is such a breath of fresh air to see a brand creating truly eco-friendly products. Unlike other brands in the market, Ocean Bottle doesn’t say that its products are reusable or good for the environment to pander to the eco-conscious crowd.

Hats off to Ocean Bottle for doing as much as they can to:

  1. Empower people to do their part for the environment just by buying the Big Ocean Bottle.
  2. Reduce ocean-bound plastic waste.
  3. Give lower-income coastal communities a way to generate more income.
  4. Raise awareness about doing more to reduce plastic waste and do more meaningful, significant work that actually benefits the environment and not just the sale figures.

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